January Happenings

11 February 2020 

Little Ann’s first appearance on the blog. Welcome to the blog Little Ann1  It’s pretty surreal to sit here and write that she’s our dog. Wait, I have a dog? My very own dog? She’s wonderful! I joke occasionally that she’s a “gimme from the universe” what I mean by that is that having her has been easy and that’s something to say! I don’t think most people talk about their dog being “easy”.  Don’t you find it kind of crazy when easy things feel  hard and then occasionaly hard stuff turns out to be pretty easy? Life can be funny like that. Well my idea of having a dog with three young boys was that it would be really hard and most of my friends and loved ones said, “don’t do it!” Well it’s only been 8 months but we are so glad we got her. She’s added a lot, best said she really raises the vibe. Last dog note and then I’ll move on, today I was calling her, I knew she knew this was the “time to get the boys to school” moment but she wouldn’t come she stayed under the bed. I was like dang it Ann I need you to buffer the boys after school energy . It was a no go.  I just let her stay. Dogs are actually quite tricky to photograph by the way, I’m getting better.  If you are wondering if this post is an indicator that I am back on the blog… honestly I don’t know. It sure sounded nice though making a post. I am still over at mettlebrain.com posting my podcast episodes. I’ve got 38 episodes out now. Yes that’s where I’ve been the last two years.  Feel free to check it out, I’m on Spotify and iTunes, etc. etc.

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2019 Is Here!

2 January 2019

I’ve spent some time with the boys up in the mountains riding our bikes and it’s helped me see things differently and I’ve become inspired again to document a little more thoroughly their amazing growth. Here is our youngest Royal James in the Shakespeare garden looking for bees. Royal recently turned six and wow, what a crazy reality to have him turning six years old. 

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April 2018

April 8, 2018

Hello there! Well we had an incredibly busy weekend. Ryan’s parents came into town for Pete’s half iron man down in Oceanside.  Ryan took off work and we pretty much vacationed with GC and Bompa Pete’s for a few days. Some of our activities included breakfast together at Zinc, walking Crystal Cove, Ryan and GC exploring Lido, taking the boys to adventure park – which I thought would be a great idea given that we had a lot of cloud cover in Newport. However, when we got into Irvine it was apparent that everyone was on Spring break. The park was incredibly crowded which I didn’t love but we still had a lot of fun.   I had joy come over Friday night. Joy is nothing short of a god sent for me. She’s one of our baby sitters and she plans crafts and just has a really good handle on the boys. I feel so much gratitude for her. As Finn said, “Mom. I don’t know how she does it, but Joy is so good with kids!” hahaha.  

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Joshua Tree 2017





We did a day trip in Joshua Tree and had a blissful time, like usual when we are in Joshua Tree. It is the epitome of family flow time for us: the  boys play on rocks, I gush over all the color and texture of the dessert, and go nuts taking photos of lichen. I’m in love.  Photographing lichen brings me so much joy. We packed sandwiches and hit up Pie for the People on the way out. Joshua Tree Coffee Company never disappoints either. What a great day! 

I find it so interesting that while the dessert is a very harsh climate being in that environment seemed to really pull a softness out in me, maybe that that is  just one of the many wonderful side effects of nature, maybe it is the dessert, or maybe that is the magic of Joshua Tree.


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