Dinner tonight

Ryan’s class got out an hour early tonight, YES! Which meant that he actually got to eat dinner with us. I made this fantastic butternut squash quinoa soup that I found on pinterest and it actually tasted just as good as it looked. I didn’t have chicken on hand so I put some twists on it made it without and it was still unreals. It was raining off and on today so instead of going to the park this afternoon Finn and I made a blackberry pie with all the blackberries that we have. I had made this one before and it is so tasty, simple, and pretty! I wanted to make it again. Ryan was so excited when he came home.

I’ve always loved quinoa but I used to hate cooking rice. We bought a rice cooker from Costco a few months back and it makes it turn out perfect and I don’t have to do a thing. When it comes to cooking gadgets, if it makes you cook and eat better food more often it’s worth it for me.

The next thing I’m excited about making is this great salad from Maria’s blog. It’s with kale, sweet potatoes, quinoa and a whole bunch of other goodness.

Well I am getting the hang of this platform! I am excited to know that I will be communicate the things that I have been able to in the past on my previous blog made on iweb.

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