Sunday Walk

We love taking sunday walks together down at Crystal Cove.  It’s amazing how the beach looks different every time we go. We love going with friends but since it was the Super Bowl most of our friends had plans, so we went the four of us and the beach to ourselves.

I am trying to figure out how to have our main blog page show previews of our post and then have a ‘read more’ link if you want to open the entire post into a new window. We’ll see if changing the format of this post works. I can’t seem to find a clear cut answer on either the support in my book.

Ryan and I try to get into our pictures as much as possible. It’s always easier to just snap pictures of the kiddos. Ryan was enjoying being the photographer tonight.  I tried but I didn’t quite have it as much as he did it.

I was able to snap this beauty. Jude had a few face plants in the sand. He seemed to love doing these somersaults off the chair!

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