My first iPad Post

At the moment the free Internet access that we’ve been able to access is down. What a great opportunity to try blogging from the iPad. It’s been a lot of fun trying and learning a new blog platform. [Got the internet back in our apartment, oh glory! Don’t you just LOVE a fast internet connection? Wow]

We’ve had an excellent weekend with a wonderful trip to the beach yesterday. There was a baby seal that seemed to be injured or sick. It beached itself and didn’t seem to have much interest in heading back into the ocean, even with the threat of lurking humans nearby.

I am making some tasty salmon tomorrow which I’m looking forward to. I have loved making blackberry pie recently and I just bought my first rolling pin. $6 from our local grocery store. It will work out great. I am excited to see if that makes a difference in the crust. Shaping the dough has proven to be quite challenging for me. Maybe I am trying to make it a little too flaky.

I will inform you if I discover anything insightful and useful!

Well I have made six pies since the beginning of the year. My new pie plate is outstanding and I love it oh so much! The rolling pin helps so much making the crust. I get so frustrated trying to put it into my plate though! Grrr, can’t seem to have it get any easier. It still rips and tears frequently. Moving onto my next project. I’ve been dappling in sweets too so I need to start focusing on more good filling meals! Lentils! I want to master a fantastic lentil bean soup recipe. I have heard from my dear friend Haley that Helen for 101 cookbooks is fantastic with lentils so we’ll see!

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