Horses, Beavers, and Goats Oh My!

My heart is so warm from all the laughter today. Ryan has been so productive this week!  So today he was ale to spend the morning with us at the Irvine Regional Park just a few miles up the street from our house. It’s been a long time since we’ve been up there. It is $5 just to park so that  is often a deterrent, but we got an annual pass so we’ll be more inclined to go. There are a quite a few attractions at the park including pony rides, a small zoo, a few play structures, and of course the train!

Today was a very big day! The boys had their first pony rides. That might as well be a rite of passage for parents! It was that striking in my mind. It was glorious, absolutely a riot. My favorite moment was when it was Jude’s turn for the pony ride.

Jude ohhhh man! Finn was going crazy watching Jude on the horse! Jude kept trying to waive to Finn, and Finn kept climbing through the fence getting in the way of the horse path! I’d be snapping a photo and Ryan would be like, “Heather, FINN!” I would turn around and he would be a few seconds away from being stepped on by the horse. Even the park employee was hysterical.

Jude, he has no fear! I remember taking Finn to the petting zoo when he was young and he was so weary of the animals. Jude literally wants to climb into all their cages and jump on them. Just wait until I get to the petting zoo photos.

Finn face planted on the rocky pavement before getting on the pony but that did not deter from his excitement one ounce. He has a huge goose egg on his forehead. He got to pick out which pony he wanted to ride and he picked this nice multi-colored pony named Aspen.

Jude trying to waive at us going by. He would try and then lose his balance,he was so happy on the pony!

Finishing up the ride. $4 for pony rides, not that bad! What a special memory, Jude looks so small on that pony.

Finn loved petting the pony. When he heard we were going to see the animals he kept saying over and over, “Yaa!”

Great job documenting the pony ride with me Cheri. I’m so glad you could spare those two hours this morning!

Some of you may have to leave and come back to enjoy the rest of this post because there is some serious gold left in this post and I don’t you think you’ll want to miss it. One word, JUDE!

Looking at the animals was so fun. My favorite animal, the beaver was out. He is such a specimen of a creature with that cool tail, teeth, and webbed feet! He was showing off for us. The zoo is seriously so cool.

The petting zoo really was an absolute adventure. Jude your confidence astounds me. He literally shoved his hand into the animals mouths. It was a challenge keeping him away from doing something  crazy like…  JUMPING INTO A PILE of GOATS! I can’t resist anymore – LOOK at this.

The feeding frenzy! It was a big deal that Finn actually fed the goats, he is always so shy!

Finn got part of his hand bit, so he would feed the animals and say “NO, NO, NO!” I think that comes from his summer spent with Winston. Finn and I getting the feed for the animals. 

Finn brushed literally every single goat in the petting zoo.

Every time I go into the petting zoo I can’t help but remember the time my parents came in with us. Poppy brushing one of the goats… then it relieved himself! haha!

I know it was a lot of photos, I hope you guys enjoyed seeing Jude dive into the herd of goats as much as I did. Sometimes these posts seem to turn into virtual petting zoo’s.

9 responses

  1. This post is hilarious! I love JUDE!!! He is so brave with the goats – and the pony! Wow!! Your boys are darling – as always. So great that you document of these memories so well.

  2. Yeay!!!!! Love the new blog – love love! And I love kids and petting farms. Love the quote – we have a longer version framed up on our wall 🙂 Suck the marrow from life, you guys do a great job at that!

  3. I was so happy to be reminded of your blog and have an excuse to “see” you guys again! Oh, how I miss you both (and wish I could see those adorable kiddos growing up!). You are both inspirational as always and make me want to be better, eat better, love better….everything better. Hope you are well! Hugs ~ Kaisa, Jesse, Jonah & Asher

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