San Francisco

Ryan has a presentation coming up for one of his MBA classes and for this project they are looking at Tesla Motors. They are headquartered in Palo Alto, so Ryan brought his group to tour the company and meet some of the people behind Tesla. Ryan decided to have me and the boys come along and make a fun weekend out of it. We’ve had the most fantastic time so far. I made my favorite black bean salsa with avocado, two different types of cookies, and Ryan’s favorite oatmeal berry muffins for snacks. I love being able to eat high quality food on the road – it makes me feel so much better.

Ryan has a great group. Ryan especially loves working  with all the Japanese and Chinese students at Drucker; they are really bright and helpful! They must like him too if they drove 6 hours just for a group project. Their project is going to kick petutie. Ryan convinced them if they were going to spend an entire semester studying a company, they better be pretty excited about the company! Check it out –

Ryan’s group with one of the Tesla, all electric, sports cars. They all got to ride in another bright orange car that was super fast. 0-70 mph in 5.5 seconds! The nice young man on the back right, well I saw him when he finished his ride, he had the biggest smile on his face and all he said was, “Rocket!” The visit was a huge success and Ryan is convinced Tesla is going to be making exciting cars for a long time – maybe even long enough for us to own one (he really likes the new Model S).

The drive wasn’t bad at all up here. Ryan drove all of it, so I shouldn’t talk, but it felt so fast. We have had a packed day. Man, San Francisco is amazing. Every time I come here I forget how magnificent that bridge is. We drove into the city from Los Altos so we got to see a different angle. I am blogging from this sweet hostel that we found while hiking over to this lighthouse on the other side of these mountains/hills. We are in the Marin Headlands part of the National Park. Gorgeous, absolutely unreals. We are in heaven. This hostel is way better than Motel 6!

The boys have been really good, but it’s late and Jude is having a hard time falling asleep. This hostel is sweet, I love when places have a great history, not to mention wifi!

I didn’t even know about this National Park that we are in, what a gem! It is so quiet too, you have the whole view of the city right there. It’s jaw dropping, tomorrow we are going to enjoy S.F and then head down to Carmel/Monterrey, hopefully, we don’t fall too in love that we can’t leave!

Just can’t say enough how much I love San Francisco!

The epic shot of Finn from the day – NOT POSED!

3 responses

  1. What a wonderful adventure in my favorite place!! I like the new look of the blog. Sometimes I can’t reply from the iPad which is strange. Ryan, what a experience for you. I happy Winnie was able to make the trip. Someday it will be fun for Finn seeing the pictures of him holding Winnie looking over S.F. Have fun and be careful
    Love gigi

  2. LOL…with the picture of the Asians! What a great team! And, an interesting case study company. What is Winnie shouting to SF? pjm

  3. Hello Millers,

    What a wonderful adventure! i am so excited for you both! I love the very park you are in so much! It is so special.

    You will always remember this—I am not sure it get’s any better than this!

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