Muir Forest

Ryan has a midterm tomorrow, so we came home a little earlier than expected and enjoyed the time we had left up in Muir Forest, exploring Sausalito, and walking the wharf in San Francisco. I had never seen Redwood trees before and was really excited to see them. They are really hard to photograph, none of these shots can capture how striking they are in person.


Driving to Muir Forest was a little hectic because we were both overwhelmed with fatigue! The hostel was great, we would have had a great night sleep except that Cougar Jude isn’t quite at the age where he will sleep easily if we aren’t at home. It was a long night. The boys loved the room though, they were running the room like wild men! Standing outside the hostel – if you are ever in the S.F. area check it out! It’s in the National Park.

Ryan did a great job driving the entire trip. I tried to offer but he said, “This is stressful enough without you driving and getting into an accident!” There  isn’t much confidence in my driving skills yet. 12 hours of driving in two days! Good job love!

Love the redwoods!

This is classic Jude! He was great on the trip, but of course the Cougar inside still made its presence sometimes!

On our way up to San Francisco we noticed a sign for Bonsai Trees! We have been talking about getting a small bonsai tree for a while now. Ryan loves the agricultural projects. We didn’t want to jump into it too quickly because the whole idea behind a bonsai tree is to have it for decades and have it grow into this big beautiful mini tree. For those of you who aren’t familiar with bonsai trees they look like a miniature tree in a very small pot, frequently kept indoors. Who knows we may not even be able to keep it alive, but knowing Cheri I think he could become a bonsai Master! Here we are on our way up looking for our bonsai! We are all in our comfy car outfits! Most of these are Japanese Juniper Bonsai’s. That’s the kind we got 🙂

Bonsai anyone?

The man who owned the shop was this sweet Japanese man who knew little english. It was just a stand on the side of the road. He’s been doing this for 30 years. I think it was meant to be to buy a Bonsai. I was surprised he was still open on the way back. Cheri, that is why we left early! It wasn’t for your midterm, you didn’t want to miss the bonsai man! Ryan picked out a small bonsai, it is four years old and I think it will flourish nicely under Ryan’s care. After we bought our little bonsai we filled up on some gas and there was another guy getting gas at the same time and he said, “He got you for a bonsai huh?” Then he burst out in a fully belly laugh! He may know something we don’t! Any predictions on how long the bonsai will last?

Me and the Bonsai Master!

It feels good to be home. It was  interesting to see the stark difference of people who were enjoying the national park hiking/biking around, versus the massive amount of people walking along the wharf. You would have thought we were at the County fair, we aren’t into that stuff much. Almost everyone was obese and eating corn dogs and other fried stuff it just made me sick. I don’t think we’ll be going down to the wharf again anytime soon, too dirty and crowded. I don’t know what I remembered it being but it wasn’t quite my scene. So nothing to show you there. I will leave with you the boys riding the bear, and Ryan learning the ways of growing bonsais’ from the Master!

2 responses

  1. Yay!!! BONZAI BONZAI BONZAI!!! Subarashii desu mo ne!!! Totemo Sugoi ne!!!!
    Yay! Way to go! This is totally wonderful! So so excited that you have your new symbol of your love! You know these trees can last centuries if cared for properly! This is the new symbol of your love!!!

    Miller Marrow Bonzai!!!

    Gambare!!! (Go for it!)

    Sorry about the Japanese!


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