Some fun improvements –

First and foremost, Gigi and Poppy brought out a car the last time they were down here that wasn’t being used since Austin is now on his mission. It was so nice of them to think of me…stranded when Ryan has to drive up to Claremont! I don’t know what I would have done these last few months if we didn’t live right next to the citrus park. Already we are loving being able to do some of our favorite things that we haven’t been able to enjoy as much lately. Finn, Jude, and Pooh Bear enjoying the farmer’s market!

The next day Ryan and I were out for a walk, and I found a few stolen kiwis that Finn must have smuggled into the stroller when I was buying some fruit or veggies, whoops!

Finn is well on his way to soon being out of his diaper! When he is in the house he always uses his little toilet. I haven’t quite figured out how to get through to him on how to tell us he needs to go when we are in public. He just runs to his toilet when we are home, but when are out…. no progress yet.

I went into the bathroom and Mr Finn had Pooh Bear on his toilet- so funny. I just had to snap a picture, I laughed so hard when I walked in. Pooh does everything Finn does, it’s a riot.

The other big change is now we have a home phone! I was getting such horrible cellular service at home so I canceled my cell number. Our new home phone is: 714.838.0305

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