Laguna Coast Park

I had really been craving a nice long walk/hike up in the hills of Laguna. We’ve found a great access point  that gets you on top of the mountains fast. You are hiking literally straight up hill in the beginning but once you get on top of the hills it’s relatively flat. The boys love running around up there and it is so peaceful and quiet. I love hiking up the west side because you have an ocean view the whole time. We werereally ambitious today. Well actually, Ryan wasreally ambitious . I was under the expectation that we’d back up with the boys. The trails are so wide though that he figured we’d just push the stroller up. I’m proud of myself, when he told me that he just brought the stroller for the hike, I had a hard time keeping my feelings of (“Are you crazy,  up that unreals steep hill!”) inside. But, I did and it ended up being great. It didn’t take that long to push it up, we just took our time.

I got distracted thinking about Jude, I ran across a bunch of short videos of Finn at like 8 months old. Is it normal that Jude is so behind in showing much interaction? He doesn’t like to waive, or play one on one. I know he’s shy, could that translate to not wanting to waive and interact? I don’t know what I should be thinking on my part when Finn and Jude have just developed so differently. I have always felt so confident that it was Jude’s personality, but after seeing these videos I feel physically sick. Jude just isn’t any where near the socialization level that Finn was at even at 6 months old.Thoughts anyone?

We love our little Jude, but we still can’t seem to figure this Cougar out.

These boys love each other so much! I am so thankful for these two precious souls. Sometimes I can’t believe that I have already been pregnant twice. It just comes and goes and you’re left with these magnificent human beings.

Jude was screaming with joy running down this hill! He is so funny.

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  1. I meant to comment on this the other day. This looks like an awesome place to hike. It’s wonderful that you have such a variety of places to visit! Hiking up there looks so peaceful & rejuvenating!!

    I understand your worries – as a mom, I feel like I’m always worrying about the girls. Our girls have developed completely different from each other. It’s amazing to me how much of a child’s personality you can see at such a young age. Adelie & Kennedi are so different. Your boys are both amazing. I just adore them!! And you guys are incredible parents. I really look up to you both and love all four of you so much! xo!

  2. Another beautiful way of burning calories in Southern California! (Not that anyone in the family needs to burn any calories!) Looks like good exercise! Great pictures!

  3. I agree with Peter! Stop burning calories and take on some of mine! Blotation blotation……steee rug in the Utah Winter/Spring!

    Love seeing that you guys are sucking the Marrow so well at! So nice!

    RE Little Jude: I know you have talked a lot with Mom about this, all I will say on the blog is: keep working at things, watch closely and honestly but do not worry because he is wonderful and equally fabulous no matter what is ahead! I personally am less worried that you and Mom. I tend to think that the differences are very normal. Just keep watching that engagement……….

    First thing though that wil help the most: get those boys a haircut!!! They are looking like So Cal males!

    Love you all

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