MILLER FAMILY: R. James, H. Brockbank, F. Lincoln, J. Everest Update

Ryan created this post to share on his parent’s blog. I got a kick out of  what he wrote so I thought I’d share it for some of you to see.

MILLER FAMILY: R. James, H. Brockbank, F. Lincoln, J. Everest Update.

Ryan here – It’s been our week to give a family update for almost a week now. Hope this is worth the wait.
We are happy as clams these days. I’ve got a few days off school, which means more time to play with the boys. I’m entertained by a lot of fleeting hobbies and interests. Nothing has ever been as much fun as being a dad!
Jude is making wonderful progress. He is starting to show a lot more personality. His interaction capabilities are improving. We have been concerned about him. Thankfully, he is making rapid developments lately. He loves being with other children at the park (which I didn’t know until last week). He’s going to be spending a lot of time at the park now!
He prefers toilet diving, but he’ll take a freezing tidepool. All the passing walkers thought we were neglectful parents. Oh well. He loved it.
Finn is working on toilet training. He’s making steady progress, which is all we can ask for! He’s very excited to use the toilet. Our bathroom usually looks like a 7-11 restroom these days – yikes! Why confine him to the bathroom? Every man prefers to relieve himself outdoors.

Heather has had her A game lately – new blog and new adventures. Our trip to SF was brief but enjoyable. Who knew you could stay at a hostel with two little boys? I thought our hostel days were over. Heather is funny as ever. I need to be better at texting you some of her classic one liners. Unbelievable!
Random things: I’m at a bit of a crossroads in my career planning. Lots of avenues that are very interesting to me, but I need to start making some firm decisions. I need to solidify the vision and stick to it. Thankful to be in school. I’ve never learned so much – every single class hour!
Finn and I did some serious gardening this past weekend – the garden is ready for spring! Tulips are starting to bloom. Going surfing this week. Changing out the serpentine belt in the wagon soon – who knew car maintenance was so much fun? We have a bonsai tree! It’s going to outlive us all. Excited to watch Hugo. We really like the wild rice and the lentils they sell at Costco. Flying kites is our new passion. Jude loves sucking on oranges and string cheese. Finn likes salmon and pure pomegranate juice. Heather has a new chocolate chip recipe – 3 parts oats, 1 part flour. Very tasty! Hummus is the perfect substitute for cream cheese. Gotta watch my cholesterol. Finally got the local paperboy to stop “delivering” the paper to our apartment – was he trying to kill our plants? We have a tiny public library down the street. It is amazing! 25 cents to have anything in the Orange County collection delivered. Our classical music library is getting out of control. Jules Verne was a good writer. Yo-Yo Ma is a living genius. Mstislav Rostropovich is even more talented than . . . Jay-Z.

Happy as clams. We think of each of you often. Every single one of you!
We have high-speed internet now. Skype anyone? And a phone! (714-838-0305).
*One last thing: I (we?) want to sail around the world. If we haven’t done this by the time I am 65, you have my permission to call me on it. I promise I won’t bite your head off. I will need one of you to watch the Miller Marrow Bonsai-

3 responses

  1. Ha ha ha, that was a great update. Also, I used to want to sail around the world but some good friends of mine attempted and reported that it is WAY overrated… much better to dream about than actually DO. Not to put a damper on your before-65-bucket-list… because we LOVED India and you couldn’t wait to leave… so, opinions are like noses… everyone’s got one!

  2. PS I’m trying to admire the garden, but I keep getting distracted by the blue spandex!
    PPS Jude’s hair is RED!
    PPPS HB, substitute coconut oil for butter, maple syrup for sugar, and whole wheat flour for the white and the choc chip cookies will be more amazing than ever AND you won’t have to watch your cholesterol! 🙂
    PPPPS Ryan, do you always have those headphones in? Dave does that and it drives me nuts.
    PPPPPS Ryan, what are you thinking these days re: career?

  3. Great update! Covering alot of life! Glad to hear the schooling is going well–that’s a sign that you’re on the right track; if you were bored, that would be a bad sign. Being intrigued and engaged is a great sign. Serpentine belt? What’s that? (Actually you don’t need to answer that question. But I will give you credit for digging in and figuring it out.) I think you’ve all heard me say that I never saw my dad ever pick up a handtool–so, car repairs were something beyond imagination. Sailing around the world sounds like a very good idea–of course, that means you should probably own a dingy by the age of 35. (Hope you’re not living in Nebraska at the time!) Thanks for the post. Enjoy your spring break! Dad

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