Flying the Air Hog

Mr Finn’s new favorite activity is flying The Air Hog! It is a styrofoam plane that we picked up at Target. Finn had so much fun, honestly we all did. It’s quite addicting trying to make the plane take flight.

The day was almost a complete success and then mom missed snagging the plane out of the air and it sailed into the ocean! Finn would get so distraught when it would crash and come apart.

The inspiration for this great activity was, Petes! Ryan has such wonderful memories of flying kites and planes with his dad. It was a fun day, Finn and his talking! It’s a riot! Ryan had some great throws, I had the occasional good throw with many tanking throws mixed in. I kept falling over with laughter. So fun, so fun.

Jude’s favorite activity was finding these crevasses which were really just truck tracks and sheltering himself in from the wind enjoying the warm sand. He was happy.

Sure love it when Ryan has a break off from school!

2 responses

  1. Looks like Ryan is 5 or 6 in that picture, so you’re getting the boys started early! That’s a big plane that you were toying with! Howard Hughes would be proud! CA guy and all. (I am watching the Aviator right now; interesting guy/film). Looks like a fun day at the beach! Dad

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