LA ZOO Extravaganza

No, this won’t be one of my ‘virtual petting zoo’ posts. But I do have a few fun photos to share. This was the first time that we’ve been to a BIG zoo with the boys. Finn was soo excited to drive up there and see all the exotic animals.

My first reaction was ‘wow tons of parents with their young kids’. I guess this is the age for the zoo, because it was toddlers galore at the zoo!

What a great day, it was a big deal for us because first, man these big zoos are expensive! Secondly, it was the L.A Zoo -LA means driving into LA and I hate, hate, hate driving actually into LA. Driving, around okay. But going into LA, ugh!  I swear, was a child behind the urban planning of that city? That has to be the most dysfunctional freeway system ever. Literally you hit the Orange County line and instantly it’s like you are free from the bottleneck of going  5 mph. It took us over two hours to get home and it was a two o’clock on a weekday. Struggs, struggs struggs! I definitelydo not have the stamina to be one of those people that commutes into LA. Sorry to complain, it just literally blows my mind what they were thinking. 3 tiny lanes?

Who doesn’t love flamingos! They are absolutely magnificent.

So good for Jude to see the animals. I am so proud to see him using that ‘pointer!’

Nothing like a trip out in ‘the public’ to make you motivated to have more self awareness. The animals were fantastic, the boys were gems, the public  was STRUGGS. Goodness my fellow Americans, you seriously sicken me sometimes.

Finn calls so many of the animals ‘horses!’ Going to work on that – 🙂

We brought lots of snacks: strawberries, grapes, juice, cookies, crackers. They didn’t suck us into their low quality Zoo food. Although they were making some fresh kettle corn. We had fun laughing about how Mr Finn’s Grandma Gigi falls for kettle corn sometimes.  Poppy says, “No boo boo no! That’ll be the death of you!’ Hard on the stomach!

Just a few more….

There were buses full of little children so many times a massive onslaught of kids would come to an exhibit while we were there. The kids would all yell at the exact same time. The animals hated it, many of them were sleeping. That huge bear, woke up ‘roared’ and rolled over! I love seeing the animals, but I have very mixed feelings about seeing caged animals in Zoo’s. This tiger just had her cubs a few months ago and they just got released to show at the zoo like two weeks ago. It was cool. Fun, fun day!

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  1. it is always such a shock going to those typical toddler places and seeing how many moms with little kiddos there are out there, eh?! well, way to do it in style, guys, in your matching suit jackets!!! 😉 and those flamingos are the most brightly colored ones i’ve ever seen!!! is the zoo feeding them extra blue-green algae to get them soooooo grapefruit-fleshy-pink!?

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