Malibu Weekend

We had an amazing Saturday up in Malibu visiting with our closest friends from BYU, Haley and Cory! Haley was in town from Provo so we were able to catch up and enjoy stimulating conversation, great food, and fantastic company! We would never pass up a chance to go spend the day hanging out at the Frame’s beach house! Thank you for having us!! The boys were as behaved as you can ask for at their age! The Frames were so hospitable about having two toddlers waltz in and take over in true toddler fashion. I think we were there five minutes before Finn had scoped out that their entire kitchen including: tupperware drawers, beverage  fridge, and counter! He was rewarded by the discovery of one of his ultimate favorite foods, bananas! Forget the food mom brought me.

Some of you may be wondering, “Who is this? ”  Well it’s Jude. We finally got the pictures printed of Jude that were taken at 9 months. Since it’s a large portrait we wanted something peaceful like Finn’s photo. Which is why we selected one where he isn’t smiling. His eyes also look bigger with a serious expression. Thank you Kenneth Linge.

The weather this weekend was SO cold! Tons of rain and wind. We enjoyed a nice walk outside of their house for a few minutes. We were rewarded with some awesome entertainment. This wind surfer behind them was so cool to watch! There is a great surf break outside of the beach house that Ryan was excited to enjoy, but stormy weather isn’t the best time. Great for wind surfing though.

Haley is an amazing cook! We made one of her favorite dishes right now, which I absolutely LOVE! Black bean butternut squash burritos. They were fantastic, add some avocado amazing!

The recipe is from that awesome food blog ‘oh she glows’. If you want to try it, check it out! You won’t be disappointed.

Finn is definitely two years old! Man, we are working hard not to validate some of these tantrums he throws. All and all he is a wonderful two year old. The last time we were there I was really sick – pregnant and didn’t know it! Really makes me you realize how long it actually has been!



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  1. You poor, totally broke law students sure find some nice, inexpensive get-aways! Heather, that picture of you looking at the laptop with the ocean in the foreground is amazing! Crazy elegance! Jude, of course, looks so handsome in that portrait! He won’t look that handsome again until he’s ready to go into the MTC! Love you guys, dad.

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