Barefoot Running, Burritos, and the Air Hog!

I bought my first pair of real barefoot running shoes! They are AWESOME! I have been reading Born To Run. I have read a lot of barefoot articles, but have heard great things about the book so I thought why not. It’s really good btw, learning a lot about Mexico which I didn’t expect!

I bought these shoes from New Balance. They are an older version, but I loved the style! These are the Minimus Trail. They didn’t have any left in stores so we went on a web hunt. After seriously the 9th place I looked on I found them. Runner’sedge,com YES! They do free shipping too, keep them in mind next time you order running shoes online 🙂

I have run in them twice, and wow, I can totally feel a difference. I’m glad that I learned to run more on the balls of my feet,  it probably would have been harder to run in them if I hadn’t changed my stride a few months ago. They are so light. I kind of feel like I am just bouncing along.  Really good work out for your calves and feet! Gigi, I think you would really like these!  I really like this color too, and they are on sale. It basically does what walking/running on the beach does for you feet. I like that these don’t make your feet look strange like those five finger shoes do! New balance runs true to size as well. You don’t have to go up a half size like in Nike.

Finn pushes Jude the entire time when we go to the park. I love that the Citrus Park is like their park. Finn and Jude are so confident when we are there. It’s like their back yard. The other day there were some annoying kids there, sorry to say it so bluntly. I felt bad their mom was just ignoring them. Well they kept following us everywhere, they were much older too. After a few minutes,  Finn didn’t say anything to me or them. He just walked away and started pushing Jude back home all by himself. It was hilarious. He was almost out of the park, and he didn’t even looking back. I’m like, “Sorry, I’ve got to go!” haha When it’s too busy we just go hang out in the lemon groves. Most of the time though they love playing with the other kids, especially Jude!

The boys had SO much fun with our dinner guests tonight. I made those black bean butternut squash burritos that I shared in my previous post. They were excellent! For dessert we ate this pumpkin ginger bread loaf with spiced butter cream. It was a much healthier rendition, with very little butter in the frosting, and no butter in the loaf! I love the recipes from Oh She Glows!

You may remember the ‘Air Hog’ from one of last weeks beach adventures. Well, it had a run in with the ocean. Dad has tried to gorilla glue him back together. Finn was so distraught. They had so much fun coloring the Air Hog and supervising the gluing back together! We may have to have a new one on hand the next time we go fly because I think Finn will be beside himself if it breaks! He loves that air hog. Notice the Buzz Lightyear and Butterfly stickers on it!

I will leave you with naked bird Cougar Jude- who weaseled his way out of his buckle and was sitting ‘lazy boy’ style in his high chair last night!

2 responses

  1. Read the book, totally wanted to try the shoes but not ready to commit to the 5 fingers. The first time I saw a pair they were on a 13 year old kid and I thought he was wearing his moms nylon footies. LOVE the ones you found! Maybe I’ll have to give it a try now! Oh wait, I don’t run.

    Oh, and those annoying older kids whose
    mom was ignoring them at the park? I think they were mine.

  2. Finn’s Halloween costume needs a bit more work–but you’ve got about 7 months to fill out the costume. It’s not a great outfit, but it makes for a fun picture! The new running shoes look fast! Actually, they just look fashionable–which is one of the more important attributes of a running shoe! Glad you have enjoyed running in them! My only necessary attribute in running shoes is cushion and more cushion! Glad to hear that Finn took charge at the park! pjm

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