Sick Cougar!

Jude has had a really upset stomach over the last two days. Upset as in, we’ve been changing over a dozen poopy diapers. Poor little guy is really in tough shape. So many poopers and his petutie is rubbed raw. I got back from my run this morning and in the short time that Jude had gotten out of the shower with Dad he had gone all over the carpet! So things have been a little rough here. Ryan and I are both super sleep deprived.

The air hog has never been better! Super glue did the trick.Check out some pic from our fun Saturday up at the Irvine Regional Park.

We had a lot of fun entertaining this past weekend with friends. A friend of mine just had a baby so we were able to go see them which was such a highlight! If you haven’t tried that pumpkin gingerbread loaf with the buttercream frosting yet – you’ve got to! I have already made it twice and I think it will be making another appearance later this week.

I love Jude’s good posture in this picture! Finn was so cute walking the pony.

Now time to fly the air hog! This is Finn’s absolute FAVORITE! We can barely pry it out of his hands so we can throw it. He still can’t do any big throws. When it would crash he would run and say NO NO, “Broke!!” But it would be fine, and he’d pick it up and cradle it carefully back to where we were sitting.

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  1. I was just wondering what to make for my visiting teaching treat this month…pumpkin gingerbread with buttercream frosting it is! Thanks for the inspiration!

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