Getting excited for Easter!

Ryan has been really working hard to find some summer work for the summer and he’s gotten a few bites, it’s been taking a lot of our mind share lately, so sorry if we seem so boring lately! Hopefully something falls into place soon.

Some of our most recent adventures include: Finn’s easter hunt with our ward, my new favorite culinary creation thanks to the tutorial from Haley, and a fantastic trip to the Great Park!

The boys faces just LIGHT up when they get on the carousel. I was alone, which  doing carousel steadying with two boys one me is quite tricky!

In the last two weeks Jude’s interactive skills have improved leaps and bounds! He’s pointing and waiving a lot! He looks at me when I tell him stories or talk about the day.  I’m so relieved to see him come alive in a sense.

When we were in Malibu visiting Haley she made us this amazing brie toast. I have been so excited to recreate it! Baguette, a layer of brie, then we used our favorite ‘honey from the woods’, with walnuts on top! Yum. Fun thing to take to a party.

The boys are getting their hair cut on Monday. Don’t worry, we know it’s definitely time.

We had a great time finding Finn’s Easter bag.  They did such a great job with the activity, his bag had his name on it and everything. I made some home made smores that turned out nice as well! If you try it I’d make sure you put enough marshmallow in it. I felt like mine needed a little more.

Look at our little social Cougar mixing in with all the other kids in anticipation of the Easter Egg Hunt.

Some of our highs and lows this week have been Finn and his two year old ways. Heavens, heavens! People underestimate how incredibly fast a two year old’s emotions can change. Today’s baby moment, was surprisingly Finn not Jude opening up an expensive bottle of age-defying/wrinkle free lotion bottle and dishing it all over himself! He usually knows better! Those bottles are tiny to begin with! It took me 15 minutes of scrubbing with soap to get it off of him. I’m working through it, he hasn’t been sleeping well. He hasn’t been sleeping through the night. He’ll wake up and cry and want to come into our room. He’s been doing it quite frequently! Loving these boys though, Finn is talking so well!  “I got it!”  He uses it in the funniest ways. In the morning right after waking he will say to me, “I wan to go park, right now”. What would I do without that Citrus Ranch Park right next door? That park saves me! We are there for a few hours everyday. Jude was covered in lemon sap from literally rolling down the lemon tree lined hills.

Finn is very excited that he gets to go see Grandama Cindy and Gigi in two weeks. He definitely understands and he keeps asking about our trip! They sure grow up fast.

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  1. Time for the summer buzz cut already? Okay, so maybe summer has arrived already in SoCal. Once again, you’ve blessed us with plenty of great pictures. See you in 10 days!

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