A Sunny Sunday Evening

We were able to enjoy our wonderful Sunday walk on the beach tonight. The last two weeks have been quite chilly -at least on Sunday. I love being cozy in our apartment when it’s raining outside – like our rainy night last night. One of Finn’s favorite words is “cozy”. I love seeing things through Finn’s eyes, and one of those moments is snuggling him under some warm blankets.

Is the Mr. already growing out of the kite! I think the kite is too boring compared to the Air Hog. One of the things I forgot to mention last night, is that at the Easter Party all the older kids LOVED Mr Finn’s air hog. Wow! Poor Mr.  there was probably a pack of over a dozen kid running around with his air hog and there was just no way he could keep up with them. It was good for him to learn how to share. We’ll be replacing the air hog, it almost made it but it seems someone stepped on the wing! That was $10 well spent, no problem! I don’t think we’ll be able to replicate the amount of character as the last one. The super glue really brought it into it’s own. (If you guys haven’t figured this out yet, we tend to super glue everything for some reason or another: our vacuum was having some problems, we tried to super glue the vacuum hose handle – that wasn’t a success. My lid to my dutch oven pot is super glued, it seems we almost always having something that’s been super-glued together sitting on top of our fridge staying out of harms way waiting to dry!)

Guess who is guzzling the milk these days? Cougar Jude. Prepare to see the cougar start putting on some serious weight. We are pushing the food and milk like crazy. Even Finn has finally started drinking milk.

Grandma Cindy sent us some vitamins for kids from GNC – and Finn loves them! He knows he gets one everyday. It makes me feel good as a parent  knowing he’s getting one every day. He looks forward to it. I think it tastes  good. Cindy, I’m glad you gave me the heads up that he can only have one every day, if I didn’t know I’d probably be caving in and giving him more than one when he asked. It’s cute he know he only gets one, so every time I give it to him he’s excited.

I feel like my posts lately have been making me look better than I actually am. So in true transparent fashion some highs and lows.

High: I feel much better how much TV the boys are actually watching now. His Buzz days have been pretty non-existent these days. He absolutely LOVES Thomas the Tank Engine though. Every week we get a new DVD from the library and it’s really special for him. Finn is partial to Thomas. Ryan like Sir Topham Hat, and my favorite is Skarloey. I think the obsession of wanting to be in front of the TV really was just a phase. (So hard not to give in!) Now he’s asking for the park all day long, and he will have just a little Thomas in the morning while Jude naps.

Where I’m  falling short:  Ryan knows he’s my best best friend, but Finn and Jude are best friends for me too! As I’ve mentioned, it can be hard having Finn be “two” sometimes. Today he was a gem, YES!!! But throughout the week I feel like I’m just breathing in and out, trying to still treat him with so much love and patience as I can muster. But last night… oh I’ll be honest. I pretty much cried myself to sleep. Okay, I was sobbing. I was just thinking of my precious Jude. He only has a little short time  left of still being a baby in my mind. Even though he can walk, I still feel like he looks at me in the same needy baby way. I want him to be independent I don’t want him to need me so much. I just couldn’t help but cry thinking of how Jude will soon turn into this tantrum throwing child like Finn who will hit and yell and at the flip of a switch. That makes Finn sound AWFUL! His tantrums actually are REALLY mild too, but it was just killing me to think about! Some times I’m just a little scared, “What will Jude be like if Finn can be this challenging!” Looking back I feel like we were getting away with murder with how easy we had it with Finn. So my low – even though I’m showing Finn love, I’m sure he isn’t feeling it enough. As Poppy and Gigi always say, “what’s inside comes out”. So instead of knowing inside that he’s going to blow up in any moment, I am going to try and give him the benefit of the doubt  and try to see the good. (How awful that I need to say that about my own child!) But if their theory works, instead of inside feeling ‘He just did what I knew he’d do!” I would be feeling, “I am genuinely shocked and surprised that he just hit Jude!” and he will feel that surprise and hopefully feel more remorseful about his wrong doing.

*I think naps really help two year olds, and Finn hasn’t been getting them. It’s just hard staying inside on their different nap schedules. I give one to Jude and then we high tail it outside, when he probably could sleep!

Here is Jude pointing to the Macaw Parrot Kite! Love to see those “pointers!”

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  1. You are delightful my dear daughter! I could not be more proud of you. Wonderful high’s and low’s……….you heart is right where it should be!

    I love you!

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