Citrus X-Games!

So what’sExtreme in the life of a toddler? Well today at the Park we were seeing first hand how dare devilish these boys can get!Just kidding – but it was a funny day with these two!

Jude is really gaining confidence going down the slide! Finn loves to catch him at the bottom. Meaning when gets to the bottom he intentionally grabs his legs and pulls him OFF.

When you are going to the same park almost every day you tend start creating some traditions. One of those is my swing pushing routine with the boys. Finn likes an under dog game, while Jude I have our own little thing we do – after he got his hair caught in the swing. I had to find a way to make the swings more of an attractive thing to do (Seriously, days later I could still find a bunch of strands stuck in the chain!) I’m sure we’re a site to see at the park. Finn probably looks younger than he is to strangers. So I probably scare them, “What is that mom doing!”

Some of you may remember hearing that Jude is really guzzling the Milk! Well I guess you really need to start encouraging water along with milk, whoops. He had horrible constipation! Poor little guy. We’ve been pushing fluids like crazy trying to get lots of water down. He’s doing a lot better. Much better in fact that he did poopers while me and the boys were all in the tub together! I wish I could say I handled it maturely… but I didn’t. At least I have some sort of limit!

Check out the ‘Cougs’ new kicks! Thanks Gigi! I can’t remember seeing so much personality so evidently put out. He was ECSTATIC about his new shoes. If one of them fell of he would lift up his foot anxious to get it back on. He was running back and forth all over the apartment. I think he is already looking better after a few days of a lot of milk and more food.Remember he’s coming off of like five days of horrible diarrhea.

Sorry for the explicit content. I’m sure you all are T.M.I! I just got done reading ‘Born to Run’. I’ll have to a short post on what I have learned from the book. It was sort of life changing! I thought it was a book about barefoot running, but it was so much more than that. I was about necessity of love, human potential, who we are as species! Quite fascinating!

You may be able to see but Finn got his hair cut! I still am not ready to completely have Jude’s hair be short. I just love his feline resemblance! We did get it trimmed though so it’s not in his eyes so much. When it is actually done, he looks like a million bucks. Check out the Mr! Now he will be pushing two Pooh Bears around to the park. The new one is a back up. If he loses Pooh Bear, we are in trouble!

I’m excited for Easter! Mason is coming into town to stay this weekend. I can’t wait to put the boys in their Easter outfits. I love it when they are dressed up! Happy Easter soon 🙂

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  1. Love this post! Too funny! I can’t believe he pooped in the tub. That’ll be a memory that will keep you laughing for a long time!!!! I can only imagine!

    I’m excited to see Jude & Finn in their Easter outfits. I’m sure they’ll be darling. So happy you get to hang out with mason for the weekend. I’m sure the boys will love that! He is so great with them.

    Are you going to visit the Easter bunny?

    Love you guys…and we adore your boys!!

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