Happy Easter!

We love, love, love our community Easter Egg hunt at Tustin Sports Park just two blocks away from our house. It was the 43rd annual Egg hunt so it is really well organized and there is a lot of participation. Luckily last year I thought it started at 8:30 so when we showed up at 8:45 we were on time for the 9 o’clock shot gun start. This year my goal was to be out of the house at 8:15. Ryan had class today 😦 So sad he couldn’t come! But we were committed to make it happen regardless. We went early, parking is a bit of a situation. Picture tons of moms in mini vans trying to parallel park all at the same time! I have learned that it is easier to just park really far away and get walking instead of trying to find a close spot. There isn’t much ‘hunting’ involved. But it’s perfect for the tiny kids. I loved that Finn and Jude were both able to be in the same age group. I love getting cute Easter outfits for the boys, it’s so special! Gigi was so on top of it this year looking in catalogs finding something perfect. Last year it took a ton of time finding what we were looking for.

Even though it’s kind of funny to see the boys upset, I don’t want them to be traumatized. I wanted it to be a really positive experience for them. I have been talking to the boys about the Easter egg hunt and going to see the bunny for the last two days and it worked! This morning when I went to go get Mr. he was sitting up in his bed with his Easter basket on his lap. He said, “I UP! I UP!” He was excited. Jude honestly woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning for some reason. Not quite sure why, but for the most part he had a wonderful day too!

Jude did an excellent job picking up the treats! I didn’t know if he would be able to do it. I loved his cute Easter basket, it sings and flops its bunny ears.

It only lasts like three minutes, but it’s so precious.  The stroller really comes in handy, it was an extremely warm day today! I was really working up a sweat! I feel better in crowds having them safely tucked in there spots.

We missed Cheri! It was so hard for me to get the boys to stand next to each other with their Easter baskets.

This is classic Jude. This sweet lady saw me trying to put Jude next to Finn and he kept running away so she wanted to help him stay there. But Jude was not going to have it. Finn’s expression is classic, “Who is this lady?” Jude whipping out stink eye AND the stiff back!

So guess what! Finn and Jude may be in the ‘Tustin Times’ tomorrow! During the hunt this random photographer came and took a ton of pictures of the boys.  He took all my good angles, I was like “Man! Who it this guy? Move on to some other kids!” When he told me he was from the newspaper and got their names and ages, it all made sense.He thought they were really cute. That would be so cool if they were in it. I’ll let you know!

I was really excited to go see the Easter bunny. I learned from last year that you really need to high tail over there if you don’t want to wait forever.  The boys were really well behaved, they enjoyed the sun shade and looked over their haul. I am very happy to say they didn’t get their outfits dirty. That’s amazing for two toddlers – with candy!

The Easter bunny visit wasn’t quite as epic as last year. Finn’s ‘unhand me move’ will forever be seared into my mind. Finn sat on his lap and snuggled his head in and gave him a hug. We could barely get him to look at the camera! Cougar enjoyed petting him.

You can’t say I don’t love my kids! I totally rubbed my face up against that gross bunny suit! I didn’t want the boys to feel tentative so I just went for it. After our bunny visit we ran into our friends Kaitlin and Dustin. Jude just loved her! He got all cozy sitting on her lap while eating animal crackers. Cougar must be coming along! You know him with strangers. You don’t have to go far to find the stink face. (above picture with random stranger!)

4 responses

  1. The boys are precious!! Did they make it into the newspaper? I’m sure the photographer got some great shots. Those two are just so adorable! I was so excited to see your Easter post – I remembered the post from last year and was anxiously awaiting this year’s Easter bunny visit! I wish our kids could go to all these places together. I really love all these childhood moments – they are just so special. I wish our kids could share more of them together.

    Hope you had a wonderful Easter Sunday. We love you all so much. xo.

  2. Such a great post. I am so amazed how light Jude’s hair is getting! Its so blonde! I cracked up when I read about you rubbing your face on the bunny suit. Haha–way to go!

    Nice outfits, too…did they end up in the newspaper?

  3. Oh HB, you kill me, and Dave is going to also because I’m always up at 10:00pm reading your blog and laughing my head off while the rest of the fam is trying to sleep!!!

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