Love you!

I love you all so much! That is why I am going to stay up and put these photos up despite a major headache due to some major dehydration!. I know if I do a post I need to do it justice so I am prepared for this to take some time. Sigh! The sun takes it out of you!! I am beat! Today was the first time since last summer that I have really felt HOT on the beach. Boy were we in for a surprise. It has always been SO cool on the coast lately. Even if it’s hot by our house it’s just cool on the coast. Today was magnificent. We were going for our walk when we pop out onto the beach and there were tons of people all laying out. It was so funny, everyone was in their swimsuits looking at us in our jeans! Haha! I guess it’s officially beach time for the general public. I have to admit I kind of had forgotten what the beach looks like with people on it. People are so funny how they always lay out as close to the parking lot as possible when there are miles of empty beach! Sorry to sound critical but it literally cracks me up. Wonderful COGS – Children of God. I can be a bit blasphemous sometimes. I could work on that.

We all wanted to just go jump into the ocean especially Cougar Jude we could NOT keep him away! I am excited for long summer days at the beach.

Not going to lie I am going to have to work to be MUCH MUCH more attentive with Jude. Finn would never just literally take off running toward the ocean. He didn’t like getting dirty in the wet sand. But Jude, my goodness. I respond for 20 seconds to a question and he’s almost to the water! That scares me. It could happen so fast. I’m just not used to it!

I’m going to try and go in some sort of chronological order – but I can’t promise I’ll keep it up. Mason came with us to church and that was fantastic. Finn loves nursery so there was no skipping out early. Mason made tons of friends and was a good sport putting in the full time while on vacation. The youth liked him a lot. They want him to come next week and hit up the stake dance with them. So money Mase Dads! I love Easter, I love getting extra dressed up. I have to admit my absolute love for this dress!! I was giddy being dressed up today. Not to mention the boys, love dressed up babies!

Mason, Mason, Mason you are so special! He was fantastic with my children today. He always is. He helped me so much, poor Mason. He is 15 years old and he knows way too much about babies, child birth, breastfeeding…. oh way way too much! Mason has been sleeping on the top bunk. Finn loves having him here.

Jude had his first tantrum today. He has always had his crying moments, but I am talking about tantrum. Throwing hitting stuff! He had a lot of snacks and we had dinner but he was just so hungry and wanted his bottle so badly. So we stopped and bought him some milk. While I was in the store I guess he had grabbed his empty bottle and started just going nuts! He was banging the bottle on his book and banging and hitting it up against the window. Ryan said it was hilarious! It was so funny! I get in the car and he’s just screaming. I start pouring the milk and he instantly goes silent. Haha!

When we finally got home, Mason sought sanctuary up on the top bunk. I am warning you wonderful family that we will be seeing in a few days. It is… intense. We love it, but we don’t call him Cougar for nothing!

It was so hot in my collar-shirt so I threw on Ryan’s top.Heaven I can breathe!

“JUDE! No, No, No!” Finn grabbing Jude’s hand and pulling back to our spot after running for the ocean for the umpteenth time!

We will be definitely be spending a lot time on the peninsula or the baby beach this summer. Jude needs a wave- less beach.

A few weeks ago my friend Jamie and I were at the beach and somehow while our backs were turned a seagull got into her bag and stole her food! That was Jude today. It was even in his wrapper and he some how gnawed his way through and spent the next hour munching on peanut butter crackers that he picked up at the Easter egg hunt yesterday. Maybe I need to buy those, he was going crazy.

My favorite, favorite, favorite thing in the whole world. The mango chopped salad at R&D kitchen. If it’s my birthday take me there, if this is my last meal ever take me there, if I have just run a marathon I want that!It’s true – that’s what I got 🙂 I was going to take a picture of my beauty tonight, I don’t know what held me back. I have no pride when it comes to restraint in picture taking! Heavenly! I was a very, very happy girl. This is hilarious!

Finn, sees a woman in white. A waitress, but not our own walking by. He turns toward her and says in his baby accent, “Grilled Cheese” The woman was like, “Oh hello! What did you say?” He said, “I want grilled cheese!” haha! I told her thank you, I guess he knows what he wants. He asked for it again on his own with our waiter.It was precious. Mason is SO smooth.

Oh Poppy, Ryan had our favorite ahi Mediterranean saladtonight and it had our favorite heirloom tomatoes and goat cheese. Heaven!Man I could stand outside their restaurant and pitch their food to anyone and everyone!

*We do not eat out, like ever. haha! But we do when my family comes to town and it’s the most wonderful treat. Mason treated us to dinner tonight. If you guys could see this smooth 15 year old asking for the bill. It was the smoothest thing I have ever seen. The waiter was like, “Your treat tonight?”

Just like I forgot what the beach looks like in the summer I forgot what my grandparents apartment feels like in the summer! Ugh. HOT! They don’t have air conditioning. We had a great time visiting. The boys are too much for them now. The fact they even in let us IN the apartment with our kids was pretty big. Usually one of us goes in and visits and the other waits in the car with the ninos. Granted we held them the ENTIRE time. We’ve been visiting them every weekend for the last month. It’s been a good thing.

*Happy Easter! The photographer said he was from the ‘Tustin News’ for the newspaper. But we didn’t see anything on ANY Easter Egg Hunts anywhere in the Orange County Register. I am struggs. I should have just gotten his card so i could get some of his pictures. It still may come out somewhere. We’ll let you know. It was a huge event. I’m sure there will be some coverage of it in something.

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  1. GREAT post heath!!!! I’ve been on blog hiatus for a while – it’s good to catch up. I loved the update, Mason looks great, I loveed seeing the fam in Easter Sunday dress (everyone looked so great, as usual!) and basically wishing we were in California with you guys 🙂 I am working on having a sliver of your blogging skills – this will turn into the most precious journal one day. Miss you guys tons, lets skype soon!

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