Utah with the Millers

Ryan’s parents came to Utah to visit their daughter Emily and her husband Clayton this weekend. Since we love visiting Utah in the Spring we decided this would be the perfect weekend to come visit! What a treat to visit with the Powers and Millers. Truth be told expectations were a little high on both ends and the weekend didn’t play out as originally anticipated, poor Cindy got sick from a patient and the weather was uncharacteristically stormy! The company was fantastic and that is what we came here for. Fortunately we were able to spend today with Cindy as well as Peter.

I have a lot of pictures, I’m a little behind on my material! Some of our favorite activities included: hiking up Austin’s meadow trail, eating at some of our favorite spots, and Provo beach for some fun filled family activities!

Coming out of Pizza and Noodle on Main Street in Park City. We had a fantastic time eating our veggie pizzas. Emily and Clayton, I have enjoyed your company immensely this weekend! Clayton always makes me laugh, and I always have so much to talk to Emily about! Her life as a teacher, not to mention our recent favorite young adult books!

We loved bowling at Provo Beach! Grandpa Petes and Grandma Cindy also got to witness first time the boys excitement about being on a carousel. Jude was going absolutely beserk! Finn has become quite good at posing for pictures!

Ryan and I both by the end of the night just threw in the towel- lazy bones! Poor Cindy’s energy level wasn’t quite what it usually is but that didn’t stop her from chasing Jude around ALL night!

I loved watching the men’s basketball match! So fun. We still had on our portrait lense from the night before. Harder to capture multiple people! But you get the idea, “Look at that ambition baby! Look at those eyes!” [Sorry, inside joke. That’s from a J.Z. song Ryan and love]

Thanks for coming on that hike with us Petes, Emily and Clayton! I told Ryan it was going to be cold. I think he likes the idea of the boys having ‘tough skin’ but sometimes I can’t help but think if we are just being stupid! By the end we were in a down pour, not to mention the random spurt of hail.

This post may be massively improved upon by Cheri tomorrow. But this is what I got for 12:30am. I know I haven’t quite done your visit justice, Petes and Cindy, but we sure had a blast visiting with you guys! Thanks for flying out here. Thank you!

2 responses

  1. Heather,

    Thanks for posting all of the pictures. It was great to see everyone, even though the visit was short and quite odd.


  2. OOOHhhhhhh, I miss family!!! I’m so happy you were all able to get together and spend time, how loverly. And the boys!!! I miss a few blog posts and suddenly they are so huge – mostly Jude! Did he have a recent growth spurt? Everyone looks so fabulous. I just love and miss you guys!

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