Back from the grave

Many of you may talk to us regularly to know about how sick we were the last two weeks.  We are just finally starting to feel more like ourselves. Sadly when we had the opportunity to see  Peter and Cindy they had the stomach flu, and boy what a contagious bug! We all got it, as well as my brother Mason and the most recent victim Tanner. Man, what an awful bug! It is heart wrenching watching your children throw up! It was the first time they had the flu, I feel really fortunate that I was able to fly home with Jude instead of driving the 10 hours with him being sick.

Unfortunately I don’t have much material to show you.  I couldn’t believe how debilitating the flu was. We were quarantined for the entire week. My mom and Tanner and came into town last weekend. It was fun going swimming with them and soaking up some sun. I feel horrible about giving him the flu. He was so sick, he vomited all over our bed spread – yuck! What a bad bug. I don’t wish that on anyone.

While some days, I am at odds with myself with his two year old-esque behavior, he really is a precious soul.  Every morning he comes into my room and says, “I Up!” Ryan made a good insight that Finn is very stubborn and strong willed. It seems very hard right now, but it will be a good quality when he gets older and can teach him to ‘harness his powers’.

The worst part about the sickness was first and foremost Jude’s diarrhea. Today has actually been the first day that he hasn’t had any in over a week. It was out of control bad, he was going seven or eight times a day. Complete blow outs over and over all over the carpet.  The carpet took a serious beating, serious! I picked up Finn one afternoon, he was fussy but nothing to out of the ordinary and suddenly he was puking all over me, all up and down the carpet. I thought he had dodged the flu. It was everywhere.  Not an easy clean up. Finn worked hard with Dad using the rug doctor that we rented from Lowes. We are going to buy one of those soon, they run between 3 and 400 bones so not an easy drop, but it’s worth it. Every time we use it we are amazed at how much dirt we get up.

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