Box the Ears!

Mr Finn is doing great without diapers! I finally decided to get behind the no diaper transition. I was sort of dragging my feat about making the full jump due to the knowledge that there will be sure a lot of accidents out in public, not to mention we really didn’t know what we were doing. Well ‘knock on wood’ so far potty training really hasn’t been bad. He loves just being naked all day. He seems to forget that he has to go the bathroom if he stays in his clothes too long. But he’s done well on our short outings to the park without a diaper on. I just hope I can stick to it on my own with Ryan leaving tomorrow. I have made the commitment though, he’s not going back!

I thought I would throw an update up here quickly. We are taking Ryan to the airport tomorrow afternoon. We are going to miss him. I’ll have much more to say about the situation in a week from now. Ryan says he’s going to be good about writing and he’s taking our point and shoot camera. We watched Mission Impossible ‘Ghost Protocol’ tonight to get him in the mood for traveling. Even Mr Finn can say ‘Dubai!’ It’s sweet. We like giving Finn one on one time, so lately when we’ve watched movies we have let him stay up with us.

For our final evening together I made two of our favorite classic dishes that Ryan loves. I made this red coconut lentil soup and for dessert blackberry pie. I used parchment paper for the first time while rolling out the dough, SO much better. I HATE when my dough gets stuck to the counter. GR!

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  1. Yay for Finn!!!!! That’s so exciting!

    We absolutely loved the video of Jude and Ryan. Adelie just keeps saying “silly….Jude…silly….Jude” as she watches the video over and over!

    We love you guys so much. Those boys are so special to me. I just adore them.

  2. That photo of Finn – he is so silly! Precious little boy. Hope the potty training is going better these days. He’s making progress! Love you!

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