Ryan made it to London!

An update from Ryan!

‘I’m on the Heathrow Express train to central London. Excited to see
a bit of London before getting back on the plane – it is cold and
maybe a little rainy, but I’m not here for the weather.

I was excited for Dubai on the way over. I’ll give it my best shot.
I’ll feel better knowing I tried hard. To be honest, I feel very
much in my element, if that makes any sense. I don’t know what it is
about international travel – it feels like a very natural thing. It’s
like evolution – we have the capacity to go from LA to London in less
than 10 hours . . . in the 1800s people would’ve thought you were
crazy to not make the trip. But of course it is expensive. Anyways,
I’m feeling great being out. You know me, I love this. I mean, just
knowing you’re moving around the globe has energy and excitement.’

4 responses

  1. Awesome!! This made me so happy! It’s crazy to think that Ryan’s in London right now…and on his way to Dubai!! I loved his update – you can tell he’s totally in his element!! I’m happy he is enjoying his trip so far…and I can’t wait to hear more!! Thanks for sharing, Heather!! xo

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