Night Time with the boys

Cheri, I specifically had you in mind when I took these pictures. I know how much you love the night time with the boys. Reading them books, rough housing, enjoying that rare moment of cleanliness after a bath. So I thought you would enjoy these pictures.

So far so good alone with the boys! Thank heavens for wonderful friends, who have hung out with me lately! They have saved me. When I think of the fact that it is only Monday and Ryan left Thursday I am shocked! It feels like I have been on my own at least a week, not just a weekend.

It’s amazing because Ryan and I are both literally on opposite sides of the world. So I wake up every morning really excited to hear how his day was.  I roll over open my eyes to the morning light and immediately reach for the iPad to read about what progress he’s made that day.It just amazes me that while I have my day he is sleeping, and while I sleep he has an insanely crazy day!

I haven’t had any photos up on the blog because I didn’t have a memory card for the camera, Ryan took it for our old point and shoot camera. So Saturday morning we made a quick stop on the way to the beach and bought a memory card. Too bad I loaded up the boys in their car seats, grabbed our one little bag but left my clutch IN the shopping cart in the Target Parking lot. My clutch is bright red, the exact color of their shopping carts-easy to miss. What a nightmare. We got all the way down to the Coast before I found out and we had to drive all the way back. We got so lucky, someone honest found my wallet and turned it in. Have you ever heard of someone doing something so stupid!! Oh yes, I’m sure there is another HB horror story logged in the archives. You probably don’t have to look too far to find one either! STEERUG HB!!

There are a few classics of Jude that I have not recorded on the blog about Jude. One of which is his obsession with his navy and white baby blanket. Without fail a majority of the time in our apartment will be spent with Jude walking around the house looking exactly like this –

My other epic Jude shot I still need to capture is his time under the hose. Every other day we bring out the hose to water the flowers and Jude will stand under the hose until he is literally shaking! Then we bundle him up. He’s even started rubbing off on Finn. Today Finn even ran through the water a few times.

Night, Night! See you in the Morning Light!

Tonight me and the boys went on a run past all their favorite parks. I let the boys play for a while, they loved it. There was this huge beetle on the ground, that I wanted to show Jude. The minute he even makes eye contact with it he picks it up and rips it’s head off. I don’t know what I expected, but not quite that. Finn has always been the more apprehensive one. I will never forget Jude just shoving his hand into the sheep’s mouth at the the petting zoo. Cougar, you have blown the ceiling of crazy behavior!

2 responses

  1. What a wonderful post! I’ve been laughing my head off here looking at photos of the boys – I can definitely see Jude grabbing the beetle! Thanks so much for the photos – they have made my day! The top photo of the boys in the tub splashing is classic – great work having the camera ready Heather. Thanks so much for taking the time to throw these up on the blog. Those boys are precious.

  2. I love the picture of them in the tub. I also love the one on their beds where Finn is laughing at Jude. So precious. We will come visit you! Maybe I will drive out right after school is out.

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