Baby Beach

Ryan obviously is missing the boys so much, so I am going to try and put a lot of pictures on the blog for him to look at. So be forewarned, blogging may be a little intense over the summer. He loves the pictures! haha! It’s been like two days since I put pictures of the boys up, and he’s like ‘Any more Pictures??’ I don’t blame him, I’d want to see pics too.

Yesterday we spent an awesome day at the baby beach by Dana Point. We had the most wonderful time. I am so grateful right now for such wonderful friends that are willing to do fun things with me. It makes my days so much more fun.

The baby beach was filled with tons of kids. I am always amazed how much cooler it is on the coast. No matter how hot it is by our house you always want to bring a sweater because the breeze really cools things down. It was perfect. The boys love the baby beach, it’s perfect for Jude because there is no surf break and it’s really shallow.

This was Jude, he absolutely LOVED the water. It was the most fun I’ve had with the boys at the beach for a long time.  They just don’t cooperate sitting, digging, enjoying our beach spot. Sitting with them in the water was a success though. Jamie and I were like we should have just sat in the water the whole time! It was pretty warm too.

My friend Jamie has a 10 month old named Bailey. She is so precious! Such a well behaved girl. Jamie was so helpful with my boys. It just helps having an extra eye on them.

So many pictures of Jude! I love this age when they are always just SO happy when you’re out of the house. Jude was wanting to get into everyone’s stuff every second! Some people are so laid back and they don’t mind Jude saying hello, and then other people kind of scowl. I tried reigning him in as much as possible.  I had the stroller to put them in for occasional time outs when they were getting into trouble which makes things much better.

Here was our spot for the day! Love snacking at the beach, soaking up some rays.  Can’t lie, I’m looking forward to the beach when I’m not chasing the boys every second. This was the best time I’ve had in a while though. Much less hazardous without a surf break!

4 responses

  1. ha HB it is so funny how jude loves that water, its like drugs for that kid. Just make sure he doesnt over dose and die (drowned) That would be traumatizing but it will not happen!

  2. Great post – thank you! Jude sure loves the water, even if it is cold. So wonderful to see pictures of you guys. Everyone looks great!

  3. That shot of Jude with his red shirt on walking along the beach is incredible – nice work Heath! I set it as my desktop background. Looks like you had a good beach day. Nice work and thank you for the wonderful post!

  4. I don’t think anyone minds if you update your blog often. It just gives us more to look at!!! Those boys sure are adorable.

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