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  1. OKAY….Dubai it is…oh Heather, I’ll come down to So Cal and watch your kids for a week…you HAVE to go visit him!!!!

  2. Heather–nice job on the post! It was so insightful!

    Ryan–nicely done! This is such a remarkable story–and you’re the star! Congratulations! This is a very big step–as you knew it would be. I was so confident that you could make this happen–but more importantly, you made it happen!

    I loved the beach video with the camels!

    I am sure everyone will chip in to help Heather survive a rather different summer.

    We’re headed to Belize tomorrow, but can do a Skype call when we get back!



  3. Congrats!!!!! I am so happy for you! You are so ambitious – such a wonderful quality.

    I’m so proud of you for working towards this – and landing an internship in Dubai! Awesome!!

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