Finn and the Zoo Animals!

Lucky for me Jamie’s husband Brent was out of town this week so we both kept each other company with lots of fun outings. The kids love the Irvine Regional Park Zoo. Finn has a lot of confidence feeding the animals now. Jude was unfortunately sleeping through the petting zoo so no photos of his hand being eaten by sheep this time!

Jamie got attacked by the goats! Bailiey loved the animals, it really brought out her personality. She would get so frustrated when she couldn’t grab the goats hair!

We had so much fun walking around the lake! We love chasing down the peacocks!

Aren’t sun hats just the cutest things in the world? Bailey looked so cute in her festive outfit.

Cheri, I thought you’d enjoy looking at some new material.  Finn really went to town drawing on himself. It was all over his legs and face. I turn my back for a moment, that crazy ‘kitty cat’ 😉 As he loves to be called.
If you’re wondering, potty training has completely stunk! He was doing SOO well. But the distractions of fun outings with friends does NOT bode well for potty training. It was disastrous. After like the fourth day of going out and having it being a complete disaster. I mean BAD! I have thrown in the towel. I can’t do this right now alone. We’ll have to finish at the end of the summer when Ryan is back. He still uses his toilet, he likes not wearing diapers. But we have to wear them in the car. Sometimes he asks to go when we are at the park so we use the facilities. He’s coming along.  But, I think I may go back to diapers all the time. He’s started leaving little presents around the house. It’s just disastrous. It’s hard that he had it completely and now we’ve moved completely backwards. Oh well, we’ll get there sometime.

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  1. As always, great photos – thanks for the update! It was great to finally talk to you last night. I think I’ve got the phone situation figured out. Still looking for a place to live, but that will come through soon I hope. Love you!

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