Church in Dubai

Church is on Friday here. There is a ward and a branch. I took a few photos today of the building, which is in a residential neighborhood.


View from the front.


View from the side.


From the second floor, where the nursery and classes are.


This is the main meeting room.

I am staying with the Stewarts. They have four kids – three girls and a boy. All live in Canada now. Boy is youngest at 18 and is in his first year of college. Both Stewarts work in education at American University Dubai. They are wonderful people, not just because they are letting me live in their house.

There are families from all over the world at church – two from Canada, two from Australia, Russia, Sweden, a family from somewhere east coast US, and lots from the Phillipines. More Americana in the other group I guess.

I was disappointed to learn today that both camel racing and horse racing are done until September – very popular sports here. Nepal is about a 4 hour flight from here, and an affordable flight at that. Everywhere in Europe is about 6 hours or less. Love you all-

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  1. Hello from Belize! Amazing to dad and I that our family is so spread out right now. We are sunburnt and happy. So many terrific stories to tell you, wonderful experiences. Guatemala was humbling to us… majority of people live in severe poverty. Women wash their clothes on the rocks in the rivers, hang them to dry. Most walk barefoot, no shoes. Beautiful rolling hills, plantain, cocoanut and cashew trees. Dad and I were five minutes behind a serious accident in which 4 were killed. The Mayan ruins speak of a very intelligent people, so incredibly impressive; Tecal City huge. Crossing the border uneventful, lots of driving and small plane trip back to the island. Funniest memory so far is chicken s*** bingo on the beach last night! Dad won $100 when our rooster took a poop on his number (B82) on the gigantic wooden bingo card on the beach!!! We have incredible dive stories to tell, so glad we did this! Met lots of LDS, many who have very little monetary possessions, but have rock solid testimonies. Love to you all! Home late Sunday night.

  2. HB you hang in there! You are a wonderful mom and wife. We are so proud of you. You are an inspiration to us all. So glad you’re able to spend time with your mom. Love cougar’s haircut. Both boys look so happy!

    Ryan, we miss you and are so proud of you. Keep working hard. We absolutely love your posts and check the blog often, more like two ot three times a day, looking for posts from Heather and you. We love you all so very much! Stay healthy and safe. Mom

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