Over at Gigi’s House…

Gigi outside Banbury Cross Donuts. Wow, these donuts BLEW my mind. I hadn’t had these since I was a little girl and they are incredible! By far one of the best treats I have ever had. They were so light, I don’t think I have ever eaten so many donuts in one day! We just had to take a bite of each flavor. 

We spent the afternoon up in Salt Lake visiting the new City Creek Mall, and hitting up one of my all time favorite stores, Whole Foods. I had never been to the new one at Trolley Square so we perused and got lunch. I was pretty much in heaven. Being at Gigi’s house has been so much fun. My dad has been in London all this week, and the airline lost our bags… they arrived 24 hours later so it really wasn’t a big deal but those have been two things that have been a little different from our typical trip to Gigi’s house. I probably would have been panicking about our luggage, I only brought one bag for all three of us so we literally had nothing. But actually the last time we came to Utah Jet Blue lost Ryan’s bag and they brought it a day later. So experience told me not to panic quite yet! But it had everything, our camera, computer, etc. So I was ready to panic if we didn’t hear they had found it. 

Jude looks so grown up with his new hair! He is so funny running around chasing the cat, playing in the gyn, swimming in the pool. He has been in heaven here! Sorry I really don’t have that many fun pictures. My heart just hasn’t been in it lately, the boys are still quite a bit of work. I have been really reigning in their behavior lately. Since Ryan has been gone I have definitely mastered my firm “NO!” There is no doubt in my voice now! I can’t afford for the boys to not take me seriously, especially when they are on the verge of doing some sort of damage to poor Gigi’s house!

My mom got this sweet play tent for the back yard. The boys love it. This trip the boys are sleeping down stairs, and we are doing our meals and play time down there. It is a much more baby friendly part of the house. It has made things much more relaxing for everyone. The boys love the gym, we probably spend a few hours in there every day just throwing balls around. It’s the perfect thing for them right now. They are just bouncing off the wall with energy. 

I will try to get some pictures of the boys swimming in the next couple of days. We have been swimming every morning. The boys are darling in their floaties. Jude LOVES the water. Finn does too but he isn’t as fearless as Jude. They have both taken some big mouthfuls of water. I have figured out how to safely have both of them in the pool at once. It took me a  few minutes to master it. Luckily neither of them to see too traumatized. Oh I’ll just tell you Jude jumped off a floating chaise, he had his floaties but you know how you tend to go face down. It was only a second or two, but stuff happens fast! He didn’t even seem too scared unfortunately. He did seem to understand though that he needs to arch his neck up . It’s cute, I’ll find someone to snap some pics for me next time. 

So how am I doing alone? 

Well I’m really glad I came to Gigi’s. Time just goes by so fast here. I mean it’s already Saturday. That is a major plus, I need time to go by fast! This time apart has really made us appreciate one another. Just imagine the summer without your spouse, and what does it seem like? Hard? Sort of depressing? Yup, that’s pretty much it.  It has saved me to come here though, I can’t tell you how good it felt to be on a run by myself without the boys. Heavenly!  I have been putting them down really early in the evening, so they wake up way early. If they even sleep through the whole night. Luckily I got to sleep through the night yesterday. The day before I was up until 1-4:45 am! Jude might have had swimmers ear, or I don’t know what! He wouldn’t fall back asleep. Every day is so much fun. My dad gets back and the plan is to have Poppy watch and Uncle Tanner watch the boys while my mom and I go do something fun. I am excited.

Love, you would love the mountains right now. They are absolutely magnificent. They are calling to me, forget safety I’m going to have to go trail running by myself. I’m sure I”ll be fine. I can’t resist! I don’t know what is with some of these stores these days, every place I go to I hear Dave Matthews playing in the background. I didn’t remember that being the case before!  I heard one of our favorite love songs in the elevator at City Creek. “Hello Again….” Thank heavens you aren’t really gone. I feel like a part of me is dying, thank heavens this is all just temporary. 

5 responses

  1. Great photo of the boys with Gigi at the mall. Jude is really growing! I can tell they love the tent in the backyard. Miss you all – be safe!

  2. Ryan, you would be very proud of Heather; I know she is so incredibly proud of what you are accomplishing. You really pulled out a great thing the last moment. Today, in sacrament meeting, the speaker talked about “defining moments” that are almost always “refining moments.” Both of you are making a huge sacrifice this summer for your relationship and your family. I suspect this summer will be a real defining moment for you two.

    Great work!

    We of course love having those busy boys! They are amazing amazing!

  3. Looks like you’re having so much fun!!! Branbury Cross is my VERY favorite donut shop.. Did you try the cinnamon crumb? Mmmmmm. So, are you and the boys going to be there all summer?!

  4. I’m so happy you are having fun with your family! It’s great that you are there! I’m sure the boys are having a blast with Gigi & Poppy & their uncles!! It looks like everyone is so happy….where are you & your mom going? So excited to hear!!

    I love Jude’s haircut!!! He is adorable!! The boys are growing up so quickly!! Love you all.

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