Pool Time!

I”m working on my parents Apple Desktop tonight, WOW! I could really get used to this. I love the big screens. It doesn’t even compare to the lap top. I am going to enjoy this post! hehe

Oh I love these Thomas the Tank Engine chairs!  The boys love sitting in these. We’ve already made great progress on the boys swimming skills. Finn has forgiven me for basically allowing him to face plant in the water. I am really becoming the mother with the firm hand! The boys now don’t get in the pool without their floaties. The first two days Finn was so tentative and I just wanted to GET IN the water. Now that the desire has been planted those floaties are his new best friend!

Jude loved seeing the water fall with Poppy. Finn sees Jude having such a fun time in the pool, not to mention he’s s fearless. He’s actually been a great example for Finn!

My dad had just got back from spending a week traveling in Ireland. I can’t believe how much energy he had. He hadn’t sleep in like 26 hours and he was out swimming with my boys. Thank you Poppy!

Of course Cougar Jude!! Too funny. 

The boys love eating at their own little picnic table. Thanks for making this summer so special for the boys Gigi!  It so fun for the boys having their own area to eat. Yes, they love just hanging out naked!

This is a poor segue, but I’ve got to put some of these pictures up here. After some pool time we went on a great walk down to the park. Jude loves the swings. My favorite part of the night though was when we got to meet ‘sweetie’ only the cutest animal I have ever encountered!

Yes, that is a pig! This is exactly why I take a camera wherever I go. You never know when your boys will get the chance to pet the cutest little pig named “sweetie!” Look at her toe nails, they are painted! She’s a miniature tea cup pig. She is our neighbors pet pig! It was SO fun, definitely my high for the day. Hey Gigi, if you have to much room in bed with only Poppy and Jazz Bear we could always get you a pet pig too. I don’t think Jasper would mind making room! I have really come to see how much Jasper adores my mom. He sleeps right next to her cuddled up every night. No wonder he’s so sad when you go on trips!

2 responses

  1. Wow! What a wonderful post – thank you for taking the time to post all these pictures! The boys look in heaven, walking around in the butt nude, sitting in their Thomas chairs, and that picnic table – I am sure they are just loving it. So happy to see just a glimpse of what your days are like. The yard looks beautiful and very green. So glad the boys are liking swimming. I was completely caught off guard when I got to the photos of the pig! I’ve heard they make great pets, although I’ve never known anyone who has had one. That picture of both the boys sitting down with Jude touching the pig is really something. Glad to see the boys have plenty of water toys to keep them safe and entertained – I am certain that lack of entertainment is not a problem for them these days! Thanks so much to Poppy and Gigi for creating such a welcoming and fun environment for them. It is certainly making this summer a lot easier to handle for us. Thank you-

  2. Such a great post!!!! The boys so happy! I’ll have to get some pointers from you about pool time with two little ones! I’m so excited for our pool at the townhome – but a little nervous. The girls loooove the pool/water, so it should be fun…once I figure out how to handle both of them! And I’ll need advice from you on floaties!

    I’m so glad you’re having a nice time together!

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