Some Celine Dion for you:

After I talked to Heather on Skype for awhile I started towards the Metro just in time to catch the light/water show outside the Burj. I of course instantly thought of Heather and the boys and how muxh they would like it. I also thought of Austin, a true Celine Dion fan!



If you look closely in the following photo, you can see a man welding, hanging off a building to the left. Look for the orange light. They work 24 hours a day on many of the projects. In the middle of the photo you can see they placed the steel beams atop the cement cylinders – this is an air conditioned moving sidewalk between the Metro and the Dubai Mall in the making. To give you a sense of the speed of construction ( for projects that haven’t run out of money ), they were still setting up the safety fences where the cylinders now stand when I got here. Now the cylinders are all poured between the Metro and the mall (probably 50) and they are putting up the steel beams. It is amazing to see the speed with which they work – there are hundreds and hundreds of workers at some job sites. Logistics nightmare.


Of course, many projects have run out of money: enter the lawyers! The firm I work at is very busy handling mostly commercial real estate cases, between banks, developers, private investors, investment groups, sub-contractors of all varieties – you name it!

I miss the boys and Heather like crazy, but I am encouraged by the experience I am gaining.

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  1. So that’s pretty sweet–an early July 4 celebration. I am surprised that they even celebrate Independence Day. The first still shot is quite artistic also. Heather, I like the shots of the boys hanging out in the nude–classic photos! pjm

  2. The light show and music are awesome! I’m sure you miss H&F&J so much!! I can’t even imagine how amazing it’ll be when you come home! Those boys will be so happy to be with you again!!

    I’m thinking about you both so much – it makes me feel so happy knowing you’re getting such wonderful experience – but I can only imagine how tough it is for you guys to be apart. I instantly cried when I read heathers post about missing you so much (and hearing Dave played everywhere) – I’m sure it’s so tough – but you guys are doing great things!!!! I’m so proud of you! Love you so much!!!

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