Some More Utah Fun

Time really goes by so much faster at Gigi’s house. I still miss Ryan like crazy, and I get a little sick to my stomach when I think I’m still in the month of May.  I know this will feel like such a short time after it’s all over. My mom’s pool is literally saving me. We spend all day in the pool I feel like. Both the boys have quite the tan going on. I have quite a bit of sun myself which I love. We made a MAJOR break through with Finn’s swimming the last two days. He has always been quite tenative in the water but now he will swim around the whole pool by himself with just his floaties. Jude has always had that confidence but not the coordination, but that’s totally come along too.

Love, I promise I’ll take some video tomorrow. You would just be so proud of your boys. Finn is totally moving and kicking his legs swimming alone. It’s so cute to watch Jude because he is just so small! He will occasionally do these barrel rolls and get tons of water in his face but he never cries. What is with that boy! He has been whining so much when he isn’t anxiously engaged doing something but he will roll face down in the water and it doesn’t make him cry! Jude… tonight we grabbed some Malawis and Jude was just being crazy Cougar (you know!) and my family has really had a chance to see what makes me just sometimes throw my arms up with Jude. Everyone was just like, “Jude, NO!”  Grrr… nothing phases that cougar. He doesn’t take me seriously yet.  I need to suck it up and start punishing Jude, but it’s just so much harder for me than Finn. 

 Earlier this week my friend Kelsi came and swam with us. She has a little girl the exact age as Finn named Nola. Kelsi and her husband are embarking on a JD/MBA program too this fall. So we had so much fun talking. Nola was so cute, she and Finn both had the same floaties! (These are the best!) She could speak so well. My favorite moment was when she said, “Thank you Heather for letting us come over to your house and swim!” It just cracked me up to hear her speak so clearly!  Finn says pretty much everything but in total cave man sentences. My entire family- except for Tanner can understand pretty much everything he says.  It cracks me up, he just does not seem to get any of it.  My favorite though is Mason (15)- he just tells it how it is, he looks at him and says, “Seriously? You didn’t get that! Struggs”! They have all watched Finn grow up, so know Mr. so well. 

We’ve been taking the boys over to Provo Beach to ride that carousel a lot – of course. Finn loves his Gigi. I really love it, he just wants to do everything with her. Literally though, it’s like forget Mom. I walked into his bedroom last night to check on him and he was talking about Gigi in his sleep. It cracks me up, I know Gigi tells him his “yes” and he knows I tell him “no!” so sometimes he sees me and just grabs Gigi’s hand and walks away!

Yes, they are pretty much out of control! It was the middle of the afternoon and nobody was around! What can I say?

When Ryan left he tried to emphasize how much the boys love rough housing with Dad and that I would have to try and do that. Well, Cheri you will be happy to know that I do try… however, Mason has actually been really great for that. Jude will run and jump on him and pull his hair and all that good stuff. He’s not even shy anymore with him. They go play at the indoor gym and wrestle.

It seems to be trendy around here to have farm animals in the neighborhood! You all saw the pig, Sweetie. Well right next door my parent’s neighbor has a bunch of baby chicks and baby turkeys. So we’ve been going over there and holding them. Our neighbors have a huge berry farm in Mapleton so we are going to try and pick some berries before I go home. She had every color chick. Finn now has been asking about the ‘turkey’s and baby chicks’. Apparently turkeys are by far the most affectionate birds. She told us how nice they are how they love to bond, and then she told us about the place she takes them to harvest them! Not the best for my ever growing vegetarian palate! My mom and I laughed how we would never be able to ‘harvest’ them!

Finn is SO gentle with ALL animals. ALl creatures, honestly he pretty much always has. We were able to teach him very very early not to grab Jasper’s fur. What is wrong with me, but I cannot for the life of me make ANY progress with Cougar. Man, he just wants to tackle Jazz Bear.  Emily and Clayton you’ve seen this, man Jude would have pounced Duncan and not even been phased if he bit him. Is this just Jude’s personality. He is rough with animals! I whispered to Mason, “Don’t let Jude get anywhere near those chicks!” I told you guys about him ripping off that beetles head a little while ago! I thought we could just watch it for a moment, but a millisecond later that beetle was decapitated. 

 Oh Cougar Jude, we love you! I have been literally exhausting the boys out then putting them to bed between 7-7:30. They are just so tired! It’s been great for me because a few of the nights I have left or people have come over. I cannot believe how many wedding/baby showers there are right now! It feels like we are going to one every three of four days. They are a lot of fun though. Gigi and Poppy just got back home from a pre-wedding dinner tonight actually! Look how cute they look.

 My favorite time by far with the boys is bed time. It is incredibly special. I’m really not judgmental about people not deciding to have kids, or to have only one.  It is a lot of work, and you know it’s probably not for everyone. You can’t be lazy about it- well you can’t be lazy…that much. I still have some lazy bones in me that I’m fighting off. But let me tell you. If you can find a way to make putting your kids to bed special, it is incredible! It’s hard to find better marrow sucking moments than that. Seriously – my heart could just burst with love. I’m trying to remember that, because this… those bedtime moments. That I will miss. 

 After putting the boys down yesterday I slipped out to meet up with Ms. Haley at one of my all time favorite places, pizzeria 712. We had an awesome dinner. Their cherizo was probably some of the best I’ve ever had. Heaven! Thanks Gigi and Poppy for just listening to make sure they were okay while I was gone. I loved Poppy’s line last night, “I’m great babysitting kids when they are sleeping!” That is the best.

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  1. It looks like you’re having an incredible time! I wish we could hop on the next flight and come join you in the pool fun!!! It looks heavenly! 🙂 I’m so glad the boys are so happy….and that you’re getting a little time to relax too. I’m sure you’re exhausted!! Where did you get those floaties? I am in the market for some good pool floaties…I haven’t found any I love yet.

    Your parents look adorable! I am IN LOVE with your mom’s skirt (and shoes!!!!). She has the best, best, best taste in fashion. Love it! Seriously so cute.

    This post just makes me so happy. Every picture is filled with cheer. I’m so glad! Miss you & love you. xo.

  2. We would still love to see you guys if you get the chance before you leave. It seems like whenever you’re here, we don’t see you until the day before you leave for like an hour. Give us a call or email us.

  3. Great photos – thanks for the update! The boys seem to be very happy with all the animals around. Hope you’re able to rest and take care of yourself – I love you! Excited to talk to you soon!

    • I forgot to mention – you captured some especially precious facial expressions of Finn’s in the photos on this post. Sheer exuberance for life!

  4. Woah! Im really enjoying the template/theme of this site. Its simple, yet effective. A lot of times its challenging to get that perfect balance between user friendliness and visual appearance. I must say you have done a superb job with this. Also, the blog loads extremely fast for me on Chrome. Outstanding Blog!

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