Memorial Day Weekend

What a fun weekend! My favorite activity was our family bike ride yesterday. We borrowed a bike trailer from my parent’s neighbors. It was this sweet old school burley trailer. It was actually very sturdy. We didn’t have bike helmets for the boys, so we used some Petzel ice climbing helmets from Ryan’s gear. It was something!

Sometimes when I’m up riding up in the canyon and haven’t been up there in a while I feel very nostalgic, there was a time when I spent so much time up there. Yesterday though I felt great, I didn’t feel sad I just enjoyed the whole ride. It didn’t even feel like I have been gone long. I haven’t enjoyed a Utah Spring since we moved though! 

Tanner pulled the boys for me, he has strong legs! He still led the pack most of the time even with the trailer. The boys were OUT the minute we left the house. Tired from a long pool day. It was hilarious looking at them in their trailer.

We biked up to a park and enjoyed some light snacks. The boys were very excited to get back into their trailer. It was the perfect distance, just as we were getting home the trailer tires were going flat.

Mason had a tennis tournament all weekend so we was extremely tired from all his matches. He was a good sport and still came with us but he rode his lyric: this sweet, silent, three wheeled motor machine! 

Earlier that day we all enjoyed the pool. It was absolutely magnificent weather.  The boys are becoming such good swimmers! It makes me so happy. Even Jude kicks himself around the pool. It s so good for him. This little gardner snake came out to sun himself. Finn has read enough in his books about snakes to know that he didn’t want to get too close!

Thanks for the wonderful breakfast Poppy! My dad made my favorite pancakes, he puts fruit and bananas and a little oatmeal in them. He makes them really thin, with lots of eggs. They don’t make you sick at all. I might have volunteered the idea of breakfast, but didn’t contribute at all. I have pretty much been a free loader here this whole time! It has been very, very nice. 

This CRACKS me up! My mom watched the boys while Tanner, Mason, Poppy and I played two on two water volley ball. It was an absolute blast. There are few things I love more than a fun water volley ball game. Heaven! It felt so good to laugh, Poppy might have taken a ball to the face. I feel like I laugh more than most people but yesterday I felt like my soul had breathed new life. I was overdue for a really good laugh. My mom did a great job taming Cougar Jude with a popsicle. Not proud of it- Ryan tried to get me to take it more seriously -but I’m a bit of a slave to Jude. His whiny cries have been working a little too well. You may have won a few battles Jude, but I will win the war. I will! Thanks Gigi for watching the boys, you were so nice to give Jude is own popsicle. He hate the whole thing!

Finn… popsicle in one hand, the wink in the other. I think he knows to cover it up for the camera. But, he also tends to be drawn there naturally. Boys!!

We had a wedding this weekend as well. Jude pretty much cried the whole time. My parents were great helping me out the kids. Flying solo at receptions like that… not my favorite. It was really late, but I snapped a picture for the memory. I love dressing up. Finn was covered in candle wax and red velvet cake. As you see can see, most of the time the boys spend their time in the butt nude. They are eating so many times a day it makes easier work of things, just hosing them down!

Finn’s first official sugar rush. He pretty much had a little mini break down when he got home. I hadn’t seen the true power of sugar yet. Wow! It was also like four hours after his bedtime. He is quite the poser for the camera. He was pretty much in the middle of a tantrum at this point, but somehow waddled over and wanted to stand in the picture. 

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  1. I have been laughing throughout this post – such funny photos and I can just imagine the one-liners with the boys in ice climbing helmets, gardner snakes, naked eating popsicles! So fun! You looked great in that dress Heath! Thanks so mich for throwing an update up there. So glad you had a good memorial day. Love you all!

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