The Cottons’ a Blowin!

Some of you may know that many of the beautiful trees that are in my parent’s back yard are actually cotton trees. They provide nice shade during the boiling hot summer days, and collect lots of snow to create a winter wonderland in the winter. In the Spring however they shed their cotton, resulting in what literally looks like a snow storm but it’s cotton! You would have to see it to believe it to see how much cotton comes blowing down.  There are male and female trees that shed at different times. It really isn’t that bad because it won’t last too long, the cotton is finished typically around  fathers day – but it’s always a lot of fun! Today the cotton came! The boys just watched from inside – Finn kept saying, “Cotton!” Sometimes it will come later in the afternoon when it gets hot, and I tell Finn, “The cotton is coming!!” Today I laughed because I felt like I was telling him, “The red coats are coming, the red coats are coming!” Maybe if I’m lucky a huge cotton storm will come and I’ll be able to document a little. Gigi and Poppy head out with their blowers and hospital masks. If the cotton stays down on the plants for too long it will smother them and they die. At times I will look out the window and see our neighbors who don’t blow and they have a few inches of cotton on the ground!

Gigi’s two favorite things… no exaggeration she loves them, the blower and power washer! I can’t tell you how many times I have called and Gigi is either out blowing or power washing something!


The boys were really getting fussy after a long afternoon in the pool, so after letting them watch a few minutes of Cars we loaded them up in the stroller and walked down to Bajio in Riverwoods. I just love walking with these amazing views of the mountains. Mount Timpanogas is just gorgeous right now. Isn’t Gigi so cute? I’m not the only who thinks so I guess. Walking home the whole family got a call. Someone rolled down while we crossed the street. They rolled down their window literally three feet away from us and said, ” You have a sexy family!” It was weird.  I guess in Provo the entire family gets a cat call. 

We succumbed to Finn’s request for a few minutes at the park when we were walking by even though it was already past his bedtime. Jude was extremely funny on the swing tonight. 

Finn experienced his first fall today at the park! I was changing some poopers of Cougars and he was just walking across these rails – the last one was extra wide and his foot I guess just slipped and he fell right on his back about 5 feet. He bounced back pretty fast and did every single slide at the park a few times after. He got the wind knocked out of him pretty good though. I didn’t see it, but that’s always scary! I heard both my parents GASP! They were great cheerleaders the whole night. All this attention has been so good for both of them.

Don’t ask me where he got this idea… but he found one of the boys hats by his toys tonight. He wanted to wear it to bed. How he knew to put it on just like that beats me. He’s really growing up so fast. He’s doing so well talking! This afternoon we were swimming in the pool and for some reason Cougar just kept climbing out and the pavers were hot, so it was hurting his feet. We all were like, “Jude! Stay in the pool where are you going?” Then Finn just looks at Jude and literally perfectly says, “Struggs, Jude!”  I love how after every word it’s phonetically as if a period was behind each word. “Struggs. Jude.” He says each word with such finality. I knew he’d be picking up HB jargon sooner or later. 

4 responses

  1. Heather is right: Gigi loves her blower and power washer! What a happy day when Gigi gets her blower!

    BTW, the cotton is indescribably awful!!!! Horrible and it goes on for weeks! We have like a month per year of cotton!

  2. That picture of Jude on the swing is quite something. Glad to hear Finn is getting better and better and talking. Miss and love you!

  3. That’s pretty amazing. They should do a “Freaky Acts of Nature” show and video tape your back yard. I can only imagine blizzard conditions in the Cottonwood canyons. Glad to see that Gigi came to the rescue!

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