Another $40 down the drain….

Tonight Jude and I went down to the Urgent Care because for the last two days that child has been pretty much insufferable. It feels like he cries the entire day, and I can take A LOT of crying before I’m beat down. Tonight however after swimming all day, and a long trip to the park with one nap he refused to go to bed. He was exhausted and just wailed and screamed for 45 minutes. I was like THAT IS IT, something is wrong with this kid. So I take him over, kill two hours just to be told – like every time… that everything looks good. I thought at least he had some molers coming in, but doesn’t seem like it. Grrrrr. I just have to vent for a short moment. I have been trying for the last three months to have our pediatrician just look at Jude and they are always slammed and when our day finally comes around the Doctor decides to go home sick so we are pushed off for literally another month . I didn’t realize how proactive you have to be as a parent, but seriously you have to fight tooth and nail if you feel like something is wrong to take it seriously. I mean these are the days we live in, I call in to ask a nurse a question and she asks me “Don’t you have the internet?!” It was a real question too, not just me freaking out about nothing stuff. Sigh. Struggs!

But the great news I have an appointment in 5 days with my parents pediatrician who is so good, he loves kids, he’s so kind and has six kids himself. So I feel like I”ll be able to get some good answers. My biggest question, “Is Jude developing okay?”

Positive Signs

-Very social/playful with other children

-Loves his toys especially trucks/cars

-Good attention span with movies…maybe too good?

-From a young age been able to hold his own bottle

-Good at pointing/clapping his hands together

-Tries putting on his own shoes

-Smiles a lot

-Communicates when he needs a change of diaper

-Confident in water

-Communicates when he wants food or bottle

-Babbles, seems to like to hear his own voice.

-Plays off his brother. Whether that means screaming, running, tackling.

-Loves his blanket


-Not interested in waiving at others

-Things don’t seem to be registering – i.e. Don’t grab the dogs fur. “Softly”. Does not grasp teaching lessons, does not respond to dog barking in face very loudly… for example, not afraid. Don’t bite… etc. His response is laughter. Literally trying to teach him things is extremely difficult. I feel like I get nowhere!

-He ignores people a lot. Many times we thought his hearing was off because he won’t respond. He will respond if he wants to, but often times ignores.

-Short attention span with books. We have to keep them very simple

-Very attached to mom/clingy.

-Cries a lot. For what seems no apparent reason. Thus my search for answers!

-Only says Mom, (Go, Hot -these seem to come out accidental. He won’t say them regularly”

-From what I am used to with Finn as a child his eye contact and ability to engage in being talked to or holding eye contact seems very poor. He either is purposefully playing dumb, or is literally not comprehending what I am saying.

-When I point to things in our books he doesn’t seem to register what I am pointing at. He seems to think it’s just what we do. He will grab my finger and just hit the page. I wonder if he is even seeing what we are looking at.

-Cannot respond to commands other than clap and cheer (clap your hands together) Will not say how old he his, or give high fives. He thinks they are fun but would never give you one, he likes getting them.

 Now that Jude is pretty much at 18 months, I am hoping that I will be able to get some answers. If I were to predict just from watching him I feel like he’s too social to have any sort of autism, but I am not the expert. I do think it is quite probable that he may have some ADD. My family has really come to see how difficult Jude can be. He is very sweet, but extremely hard to keep happy a lot of the times.  I would just like to understand, because Jude is loving but has been so much more challenging than Finn in pretty much every way imaginable. I will report back with what I hear. If you guys have any thoughts… please share!

Cheri, anything else you want me to tell him?  I just want to make sure that I take advantage of seeing someone that actually seems to know what they are doing! 

2 responses

  1. Jude is going to be fine, whether he grows up to be an Einstein or just a normal adult. Any attention-deficit issues he has can be blamed on me; I didn’t become a “good” student until after my mission, and I’ve never been a “great” student. I’m not worried about his social skills. He’ll be fine- but I understand the concern. He does seem to be making a lot of progress though! My guess is he occassionally gets over-stimulated and it all becomes just too much to take for his little mind and body.

    $40 is just what we pay at the office – the out of network bill comes later 😉 Love you!

  2. I’m sure he is fine. It must be hard when comparing to Finn though. Finn has been so expressive since day one. It will make you feel better to have an expert look at him though.

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