Jude’s 18 month Check Up

So today I had Jude’s appointment. The pediatrician was great, unfortunately I didn’t really get anywhere. Jude really doesn’t fit the mold for most develop – challenged kids: he’s social, and has great motor skills. He’s still three weeks away from being 18 months, regardless however he’s quite behind. He says two words regularly when he is supposed to be saying at least 12. I have come to grips that Jude needs a lot of one on one time and what I have been doing is just not enough. I was a bit emotional today to say the least. But I’m good, seriously the appointment was a just a little stressful. The minute our pediatrician walked in the door Jude ran over and tripped over his feet.  Jude smashed his face on the floor and had blood dripping down his mouth. He pretty much screamed for the entire ten minutes.  I think if I work with him closely he’ll talk more, we spent the day in Salt Lake and it was wonderful. Jude at one of our pit stops got hit by one of the store front doors, and for the next few minutes he would say what sounded just like, “door”… maybe he has been saying words and I just haven’t been paying close enough attention. I’m struggs, bottom line. I feel way struggs today. 

After a long day in the car Jude was very excited to go down stairs and grab his blanket. It’s neat to see how soothing it is for him. I let him drape it over him a little while he ate. I am washing that thing pretty much twice a week anyways!

What a day, the boys ate McDonalds oatmeal for breakfast which they love and eat tons of. Speaking of the boys eating. Cheri: Jude is in the 87% for height, 60% for head size, and 16% for weight. He’s totally gone up from his what… like,  2% last time? That is reassuring. They usually pretty healthy foods, at least they get a lot of food lately! We might have also hit up Branbury again for some donuts. Peeps, their apple sauce donut is my new favorite. Cheri, it surpasses the Rose’s chocolate coconute… sigh! You would like, extremely light. 

We went to this store called ‘The Garden Store’ in Salt Lake. I had never been there and I absolutely loved it. If we were in the spot to buy stuff to decorate our place more I would have a hay day there. I loved everything.

So if you read my blog you pretty much already know I am a piece of work. Cheri, I’m trying to take more video. This is classic me with the boys before we hit up the tub. Rocking out to something.  I watch this and inside I’m just like, “Oh boy HB you are struggs!”  You can definitely skip, not missing much! No wonder my brother Tanner cringes when I’m dancing around in the kitchen in my swimsuit!” 


3 responses

  1. You are doing a phenomenal job with those little boys HB. Thanks so much for posting the videos. I watch them over and over and over. I am not surprised in the least bit that you like the Africa song – that is just like you! Jude is a darling little boy…no matter how many words he speaks! It will come.

  2. Heath, we’ve been anxiously waiting for the appt update – you do such a great job with the boys! Don’t doubt that for a second. We love and miss you guys lots – and HOPE TO SEE YOU IN AUGUST (6-12 ish) – no pressure 🙂 Ok maybe a little…Love you guys!

  3. I’m so glad his checkup went well! I’m sure he will start talking more soon. Boys are slower anyway with language development – so I wouldn’t worry much. He seems so social & happy! I can’t wait to see your little guys again! We loved seeing the video clip. The boys are growing up so quickly!

    Love ya! xo.

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