Going home tomorrow!

I will miss swimming with the boys every morning. The hot dry hair has really grown on me. I just sit outside watching the boys play in the dirt, jump on the tramp, or swim! I’m going to feel pretty lonely after having so many people around. Mason is going to do a tennis camp in Irvine so I’ll have some company and I”m going to come back one more time for my birthday. My days are so incredibly intense with the boys! Jude usually has 10 poopy diaper’s a day. He drinks a ton. He has been eating the BRAG dieit with little variations, as well as getting lots of rice cereal.  I’ve been sprinkling asadopholus on his food. It’s this stuff for kids called ‘Culturel’. It can’t be working that well however because he still seems to have diarrhea all the time!

You can look at this now –  I’ll put the rest up for you in a bit love.

3 responses

  1. That was impressive! Finn looked so comfortable in the last video–and now Jude also looks like a little Nemo in the water–swimming, swimming, swimming! Glad to hear that Mason will be there to help with all those diaper changes!

  2. Great video – I’ve watched it several times. Jude looks so funny with his little legs working so hard, kicking under the water! Thanks for posting this! We will have to pick up some floaties like that before the boys swim again in CA – they will have gotten used to the freedom they can have in the pool with the little floatie/jacket contraption. Love you!

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