Mr Finn is flying solo!

Sorry for the lack of posts, it’s always a bit of an adventure going through re-entry after being gone for almost a month!

It’s been so nice being able to get my house all cleaned, hoping to get it a little more organized this afternoon. We get to go to a birthday party today!

I made my favorite poppy seed bundt cake last night for the party. I’ll have to post the recipe, it’s my favorite thing to have on my birthday and I don’t have it on my pinterest.

You know I have been seeking out opportunities to find one on one time with Jude. Well, I left Finn in Utah! AH! My first time away from Finn. My mom is flying out with Mason on Sunday morning so we just decided that a quick 3 days would be a good chance to give Jude some meaningful one on one time. Finn has been loving all his time wtih Gigi and Poppy alone. They are doing a terrific job, Finn’s vocabulary is growing so much! He calls me and says, “Mommy! Me, Gigi, and Mase are go airplane two days, two days I see Mommy!” Jude is loving having me all to himself. 

Finn gets so tired out. He can’t even make it through the entire bedtime routine of: tub, stories, and the song of bird! Little Mr!

When Jude and I flew home I got to the gate and ran into someone from my ward here in California. Small world 🙂 she asked, “Heather, where is Finn?’ Before I knew it I was in tears! Leaving Finn for the first time was still a little hard even though it’s with my mom who I trust entirely. I couldn’t quite get a handle on it either. It was so embarrassing. The terminal is packed and I am just gushing! Ah! I had to wear my sunglasses on the plane because I kept tearing up even 30 minutes later! Not going to lie though since then I haven’t been sad at all. I feel like I am on vacation! Jude and I have had such a fun time.

I have to admit I already miss sitting by the pool. The air of course feels amazing, but Utah in the Spring really is amazing. I love how warm it is. I loved swimming ever morning.

Before I even left Finn wanted to go with Gigi everywhere. He loves his new bee back pack that Gigi found. He puts all of his favorite toys and snacks in it.

Jude was bursting with excitement to run through the fountain. It was cute he got to the fountain, turned around to see if it was okay if he got wet.

Jude is obsessed with his little cars. He always has a toy car or tractor of some sort in his hand.

I’m sure Finn has been enjoying a lot of Provo Beach since I have been away. He is obsessed with that place!

4 responses

  1. Wonderful post – love all the photos! Glad that Finn is doing well away from both of his parents. Why am I not surprised?! Great photo of Jude in the fountain. Thank you Poppy and GiGi for taking such good care of little Mr. Finn. Love the backpack! Went to a Turkish restaurant tonight…missed you all.

  2. Oh wow! That is great that you got to spend some one on one time with Jude. That must have been so hard leaving Finn though.

  3. I’m so happy you had some one one one time together. I’m sure Jude loved that! I’m sure you were so sad leaving Finn. I would have reacted the same way! I’m sure you were excited to see him on Sunday! What are you guys up to this week? Love you!

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