Zen Master? Not quite, but I’m definitely zenning!

So I am also a ‘new HB’ for a very different reason. I was going to mention it in my last post but I stink a segues so hooray for a new post.

I have taken up knitting! Okay, peeps this is BIG. BIG. I am NOT crafty. I pretty much refuse to take up crafty activities. Sure I do the occasional thing with photos, and I guess the blog in it’s own way has some sort of creativity tied to it. I mean you are sort of creating something, as do my photo boards that I enjoy doing. But for the most part I do not craft. I took it up for purely therapeutic reasons.

Before I say anything else because I am so gosh darn long winded and will probably lose a lot of you. To my fellow stay at home moms: might I please plant this quick thought in your minds. Find some activity at the end of the day to calm your nerves. I did not think something like knitting really could work. But it is the most wonderful mind numbing activity. It literally calms me! If I could reach for a glass of wine to take the edge off maybe I would, but my lifestyle choices have dictated that’s not quite an option! I also needed something that didn’t involve checking out to ‘never-never land’ in a book. Something I am quite capable of doing. I love exercise and it’s seriously my quickest go to but honestly I am a bit of an energizer bunny by nature. Sometimes I just want to feel calm! I feel like a changed person! At the end of the day sometimes I am so WIRED! If there was a definition for wired it would be me after a whole day with my two toddlers. It’s like I have been medicated, it just takes the edge off. It’s not alcohol, it’s not exercise, it’s not reading, you can still be present! I really like it, and I’m pretty much anti craft. We don’t like clutter. But it can fit in a small bag and go right under a bed. Just think about it!

I know that was a pretty big claim to make for someone who is barely a week into learning how to knit. Do you like my struggs first creation coming together? I didn’t even think I wanted to make anything but I figure since I am going to be doing it for a few minutes every day I might as well make something cute! So I’m excited to find a fun pattern and make something simple. I just have to finish this random pink scarf (A long piece of fabric!) I am going to buy another set of needles so I can practice casting on – I’m worried I’m going to forget already! The sweet woman who showed me the basics had a lot of extra supplies so she gave me the yarn. It really does seem to rest my mind which is what I need after a day like today.

Finn has been sick the last 2 days with a bad fever and horrible diarrhea! Can you believe it? He hasn’t had bad bowels in seriously forever. Today he started throwing up, I made a good grab and caught a round in my hands, then my shirt. Then my comforter took it. All washed and behind us though now. I am 95%  sure he has hand-foot-mouth disease. He won’t stop touching his tongue/mouth. After last year, I can spot that a mile away. Just goes to show you that NOT going to nursery for an entire month still won’t save you. Pretty sure he picked it up at the park. So we are in quarantine mode. I heard it’s really going around here in Cali and in Utah.

Good think I have my knitting huh? When I feel myself starting to lose my nerve I just remove myself for a moment and knit a row. I really do start to calm down, isn’t that funny? I figured I just had to find something, I’ve just  started to feel like I’m losing it. Ryan’s gone. My emotions have been running higher than usual. I mean we haven’t even started the life of working the notoriously long hour life as a lawyer. If I’m already feeling wired, and our family isn’t even complete yet – better find some more coping mechanisms Hb! If I didn’t I’d probably find myself being medicated, no judgement here -there’s nothing wrong with that I just want to exhaust all of my options first.

If I could make these – I would pretty much be happy. I mean maybe I’d branch out, but I ‘d be quite pleased with myself.

These are what I call ‘Grandma Roz’ booties. Too bad I can’t just make my way down to Wisconsin to have her teach me how to make these in person. I’ll figure it out. Some how, and you know I’ll be posting about it too! If you already know how to knit the pattern for these is here.

5 responses

  1. Besides the “Stitch n Bitch” books that you’re reading lately, the knitting seems like a really good idea! I am impressed that you’re exploring new avenues. I am sure Grandma Roz would love to support you in this new adventure!

    • hahahahahaha! Petes! You crack me up, hey the book was cheap and had great reviews on Amazon. I have to pick up the lingo if I am ever going to be able to read any of these patterns. I admit, the title is out there. Oh man your comment gave me a great laugh. Thx 🙂

  2. HB, I just took up crocheting. Clayton’s grandma taught me. That is great that you’re trying something new.

    • Oh Em!! I didn’t realize that you just recently learned, you’re already sooo good! So you can attest to the feeling of calm. I hope I can get as good as you so fast. I’ll be back in a month and crossing my fingers that nobody is sick maybe we can get together and I can show you knitting and you can show me crocheting!

  3. This is so great! I seriously love it!! I can’t wait to see your creations. The projects you work on will be so special to you too – because you’ll think back on the time when you created them. Good for you for finding something calming & peaceful!! I wish I knew how to knit.

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