Hb’s A Sick Bird!

If I can make it through this week I’ll be so happy! I was up the whole night throwing up and well… I have it coming out both ends. Not pleasant info. I’ve never had that before, and it’s so violent! I can’t even stand up, my poor Cougar. Our bowels are exactly the same, this is a horrible bug! I can’t remember ever being so violently ill. I’m excited for Finn to nap so I can get some rest. At least Jude is punk too and we just snuggle together. Finn has been such a trouble maker. So much for my emotional calm streak, I had to give Finn a good whack on the petutie. He was sick earlier in the week and Jude and I are in the thick of it now. I feel bad that Finn has to be cooped up. I’ve taken 5 baths today because my body is aching and cold! Finn brought in his pool floaties and they took up the whole tub. My house has gotten destroyed, Finn has taken to role of destructor, pouring water on the floor, smearing tooth paste all over the carpet. Things are not looking pretty today! I have never been in this rough of shape that I couldn’t still walk around a little. Cheri, I’ll be much more empathetic when you’re sick after suffering like this. It takes a lot to make me throw up. And I’ve thrown up 12 times!

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  1. Well feeling a little bit better today! I was able to sleep through the night and bowels seem to be easing up a bit. I think I might be able to eat today. Thank heavens, I went to Costco and bought tons of food. Tons of fruit including 1/2 a flat of raspberries, and they are just staring at me! Everything I bought is for a strong stomach. Ah! Excited to be better. Yesterday was by far one of the top 5 hardest days in HB history!

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