July 4th and… We Have Some News!

Preparing to watch the firework show in Laguna Beach. We had the perfect view, they were right in front of us!

Most of you probably know because we’ve had a chance to tell you in person, but we are excited to share with you that this family of four will be soon be five! I can’t quite hide it anymore, I am definitely showing! We are having a ‘turkey baby’ as I like to say. We will be expecting our third BOY in the end of November!! This week marks 20 weeks for us. Few people knew I was even pregnant, the baby is actually quite small which is one of the reasons I may not seem overwhelmingly pregs but hold out, some of these may be deceiving. I am definitely pregnant 🙂

Happy Fourth of July! Independence day totally rocked this year. Ryan is seeping with American pride after being in Dubai the last two months, so we were in the mood to party. Today was quite eventful. We started out the day with a 5k at the Stake Center. I told Ryan I wanted to go the night before and he was a good sport about it, I think he was hoping that I would wake up and sleep in. But after seeing me dressed, teeth brushed, and heading out to get the boys out of bed he rolled over with the knowledge that YES! We really are doing this. This was one of those executive decisions, ummmm just so you know I am going to this. AKA – “We are going to this!”

There was a great turn out for the Orange stake 5K,.  All the kids were excited at the prospect to win their age group. Ryan’s competitive spirit kicked in and he set a good pace for us. It’s been a few weeks since I have been on a run, now that Ryan’s back I am excited to enjoy some time up in the canyon again. It felt good to be moving. I hadn’t even thought about the running part, Ryan’s knees are so bad these days but he was feeling it today! So after a mile or so I put on the shuffle and we booked it. It was a lot of fun.

These kids were so impressive! We would be running by these kids that were running so fast, this one little girl was almost there and she was just choking back tears. As our favorite little boys said, “I am never doing that again! I felt like I was going to throw up the whole time.’ Oh family 5k’s they rock!

After the race they did a flag raising ceremony where the scouts were a riot to watch. Our boys turned into wilderness dogs roaming the bushes, and I got to chat with some of our good friends that we don’t see regularly. So fun!

And here are the scouts and primary children singing their hearts out, classic!

After our race we went over to a families home for their traditional waffle breakfast. It kicked butt. I brought over a small fruit salad with some mangoes and strawberries. They had literally 10 waffle irons going, they had it down to a science. The boys loved it, we’ve made some great friendships here.

For the firework portion of the evening even though we were quite tired from waking up so early we made the push to hike up that hellishly steep hill in Laguna hills. Pardon my language on the blog but man alive, I don’t know how Ryan manages to push that stroller up. I can contribute for two minute increments, and then I’m toast! It was worth it though. The show rocked. Ryan brought three blankets, it saved us! Once the sun was down it was chilly.

They are definitely boys, they like the wilderness. Cougar was quite fussy being confined to the blanket. Jude liked exploring with Dad, he really appreciated it too. He would lean over and give him kisses, that is big for Jude! He also loves to say, “Look, look, look!”  and “Back!” Good job cougs!

The boys loved this flower, they were feeling the soft part and Finn kept poking it with a stick and then this huge bee flew out quite upset! Luckily no one was attacked.

The video we got from tonight is probably the best part of the evening. It takes forever to load so I will have to put that up another night. Finn and his talking, it is so fun! He was so tired, he had been talking about fire works the whole night and once they finally came he was so tired and he burrowed his head into my chest and refused to look up. The loud booms were actually scaring him a little. Jude sure loved it though!

5 responses

  1. Oh you Millers are fantastic. So excited there will be another one soon. Another boy, oh how jealous Dave will be! Actually, he has just recently come to terms with the fact that Heavenly Father is sending the choice spirits that belong to our family, and it is out of our control and way beyond our wisdom and understanding 🙂

  2. I am so excited to have another nephew – he already has such a soft spot in my heart!! I know those three little boys are going to just adore each other. They will be so lucky to have brothers so close in age. You guys are amazing parents, and this little guy is so lucky to have you as parents.

    Love you guys!! xo.

  3. We are so excited for the little guy to come! Its so great that your boys will be so close in age. Glad you saw some fireworks—that’s more than we can say.

  4. Wow that’s what I get for falling behind in my blog reading…wowza! Congrats Millers! Just keep those kiddos coming, that’s how it’s done. You are rocking those stretchy pants pregnant lady, I never would have guessed!

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