Mr. Finn Paints an Airplane

Finn and Dad painted the new Air Hog on the front porch this morning (Jude was sleeping). He was very excited to try out the new paints they picked up earlier this week. Jude was sad to have missed out on the fun, but the two of them managed to keep quiet enough to paint the porch with their fingers later in the day!


3 responses

  1. Oh my gosh! We LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! That is so great!! I am seriously jealous that we’re not there painting planes with you. What a fun project! He is quite the painter. That plane is awesome!!!! You guys are the best.


  2. Ha. I love when you ask if he is done…”Nope!” So cute. I’m sure he loved that project. You guys are great–so many parents won’t buy paint or even real markers because they don’t want their houses to get dirty.

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