Birthday Balboa Bars

Ryan’s birthday was last week and my birthday is in a week so we enjoyed a joint birthday bash with my grandparents down at Balboa today. They treated us to Balboa bars after our walk around the little island. It was one of those days where I could almost cry it was so beautiful. Tears are always close when you’re pregnant I swear. The beautiful bursting roses, Finn riding his bike, my sweet grandparents so happy to see Ryan back from Dubai – I was truly happy today.  

We bought Finn his strider bike right before Ryan left to Dubai. I have been meaning to get some good pictures on it but I just hadn’t yet. He has really got the hang of it. We bought Finn’s ‘Strider’ bike off of ebay. We went to seriously five different stores looking for the one we wanted, but none of them were it! They had this sweet one at REI but it was wood, and the seat wasn’t adjustable. If you want to do a bike like this, get the ‘Strider’. They are around $100 and come in all different colors and they are really easy to put together. Finn has LOVED his.

My Grandparents were pretty much at their best today, Grandpa’s shingles are gone – poor guy getting old does not seem to be so easy. I am so proud of my Grandma for resigning to the wheel chair. She was pretty proud that she didn’t need one. But her hip is bad, she still was able to walk a little.

Every time we are on the island with the boys it seems to be getting just better and better for them. Finn watched the crabs on the rocks, rode his bike, and kept his eyes out for ‘kitty cats!’

Go Mr Finn! Cruiser!!

This one is my fave! Sorry for all the incessant blog posts. It has been rough having Ryan gone and now that he’s home it feels good to just have some great bona-fied marrow sucking fun!

My grandparents picked up that sweet necklace at the art fair for my birthday. It is so colorful, my grandma was like “Your grandpa picked that one out, it’s quite colorful – I probably would have picked out a more conservative one.” As Ryan said the day after he got home, “Oh Hb you are one of a kind.” I’m not surprised that my Grandpa picked out a really ex-centric bright necklace. Sometimes when I talk to him he just asks me, ‘Where did you come from!” I guess he saw it and was like, that’s Heather!

Big week for us next week! We’ll be keeping you posted, love you all!!!

5 responses

  1. Oh my! What a beautiful beautiful day and I don’t mean the way! You two and those boys–I don’t think you can fully comprehend what this day likely meant. Magical, sweet, wonderful… I am always say about drinking, eating, etc., but this day is…..”this is how God wants us to live!”.
    Mom and I could not be more proud of The Millers.
    It is going to be a great week ahead!!!!!! I can feel it!

    Btw, looked at this like five times together!!!

    Love you

  2. Such a fun post. I loved Finn’s technique on his bike. Did we tell you we caught crab when we were in CA? It was really fun. I’m glad you guys could see your grandparents!

  3. We just LOVE this post. We just got back from the pool…and Adelie wanted to see “her friends”. So we watched the videos again & again. We just love you guys so much. This is such a happy post!! It makes me smile so much. Finn is so great on his bike! And I can’t wait to get the kids all together. Between Finn asking, “what’s that??” & Adelie constantly asking “what’s that thing??”, it should be filled with lots of fun!! These kids are the greatest. Love you guys so much. And…we can’t wait to meet baby boy Miller! xoxo. Have a wonderful day together today. I’m so happy you guys can share this special time together!

  4. I was wondering how Finn was able to ride that bike. Now that I’ve seen the video I understand…Mr. Waddle-man.

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