More Air Hog Painting Fun!

Little known fact about the HB, I can pretty much retain some sense of calm through almost anything. I cannot remain calm however when my blog acts up. Nothing gets me more fired up. When technology does not work how it’s supposed to, I become pretty much beside myself. Who would have guessed it was due to Firefox needing to be reset. I couldn’t upload one photo for the life of me. So here comes this post for the second time around. Ryan took so many cute photos of Mr. painting on the porch yesterday.

I spent the majority of the day in the kitchen. I made this wonderful asian noodle salad from pioneer woman and I don’t know what possessed me but I made these from scratch brownie cookies with marshmallow creme. My feet were quite tired at the end of the day. The salad sure turned out amazing though.

The boys had to get in the bath three times yesterday, Popsicle, gardening project gone wrong, then they snuck out to the porch and started painting the ground. They were covered in paint. The paints are done for as well. Oh well, they only cost $3 and they were washable. I am not so scared of paint now. Finn absolutely loved it.

Finn has good form there in his painting! I was out picking up some stuff at the grocery store and Ryan was like, “We’ve got Jackson Pollock out on the porch!” I don’t think I have seen Finn more excited. He kept saying, “I paint!!!” I can’t believe how much kids just love those craft projects. That porch is such a life saver for me. I can just hose it down after and it’s no big deal.

I think the porch has a lore more character to it now with the painted air hog safely nestled amongst the succulents, don’t you!

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  1. Way 2 persevere HB…struggs day, no doubt! Wait till the malware shows up on Monday. Life as we know it will be a pleasant memory.

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