Surfing at San Elijo

Thanks for your comments on my last post guys.  I literally am still in shock with the direction my test results went. WOW! Thanks for the love!

I am excited to share pictures from our day at the beach day yesterday. Ryan wanted to be able to have a fun surf day and it doesn’t get better than surfing at San Elijo. He had a lot of fun surfing but he said it still didn’t beat having his favorite surf buddy Hay out there with him! We’ve got to get some friends to go out surfing sometime!

It was a really warm day- it felt great to get some sun!

The kindle and I have been best buds lately. If I don’t get just a few minutes with the kindle, and a few minutes to unwind with my knitting the day just doesn’t quite feel complete. Probably a habit picked up from my time alone.

After a great beach day we got some tasty donuts at VG’s. I don’t know what it is about the beach and donuts but they seem to go together so nicely!

This is a poor segue but this is going to be a quick photo drop. So many random shots over the last week.

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  1. Heather! Next time you guys come down to surf you should let me know. That beach is so close to my house and we are always out there surfing!
    Love VG’s!!!!!

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