My Birthday Festivities

Excited to post – it feels like forever since I’ve been on the blog. I had a wonderful birthday. I love my birthday, I love getting birthday cards. All my cards this year were so sincere and heart felt, it was really special. For my big day we went up to Sundance for dinner. Probably my favorite spot to eat in Utah, so many wonderful memories up there. Grandma Cindy I thought of you because we actually sat in the exact table that we sat in when you met my parents for the first time! What a fun day. Here are a few pictures. We are heading up to Snowbird in half an hour –  really excited for that. I haven’t been up there in a long time. Miss you guys!

My parents just got back from spending a week in Sarasota Florida, where they discovered this new drink that I asbolutely love! It’s cranberry, soda water, lime with a spearmint leaf. (Try it!) Especially for all of us non-alcholic drinkers. It was really fun to spice it up and drink something different!

Having Ryan around is amazing. I feel like I’m literally doing 1/3 of the work I used to with the kids. I am a happy girl!

You know me! I love my bundts. This one is from Nothing Bundt Cakes – it’s their double chocolate and was unreals moist. I was really spoiled we literally had a mountain of raspberries to devour. Nothing betts!

There is definitely more to share from our time in Utah so far. Ryan has been enjoying the mountains – he enjoyed on a long mountain bike ride yesterday where he went over his handle bars twice and fell off his bike nearly a dozen times it was an adventure! Apparently that is fun – mountain biking is not an attraction for me. I don’t enjoy feeling scared – which is what I feel when I am usually mountain biking! 

I am nearly finished with my first real knitting creation, haha! I don’t quite count the scarves I’ve made. They don’t quite serve the same exciting person as something I am excited to put to use.

2 responses

  1. Heath hope you had a wonderful birthday, I was thinking of you last week and hoping you’re doing well. Sure do love hearing about you and your boys. And #3! Oh my goodness! Congratulations! I can’t believe it! You are such a rock-star mom and I look up to you and Ryan both. Love you!

  2. so happy you had a great birthday! you deserved it! the bundt cake looks delish!!! we are so excited to see you soon….love ya!

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