Mr Finn ‘Makes Trouble!’

When the boys are being naughty Mr Finn says, “I make trouble!” So I am always telling them “Don’t make trouble!” Well our last night in Utah Mr Finn made trouble!

Mr Finn SNUCK out of his bed,  found my knitting bag and took out a pair of scissors and went to town chopping all of his bangs off! You guys, he cut his own hair! AHHHHHH

Goodness gracious sakes alive! When I saw him out of his bed I immediately took him down and tucked him and told him to stay and he did. He fell right to sleep. I walked into my parent’s den and saw scissors on the desk and Mr Finn hair all over the floor. Later my mom told me she found Mr Finn hair all over the floor in her bathroom. He just took a little private tour of the north side of the house while the rest of us watched Salmon Fishing on the Yemen. Highly suggest seeing it! Fantastic!

A little photo shoot of Finn before church. We can kind of comb it down but it really doesn’t help much.

Yes, that angelic face is a little hard to hold accountable. We’ve been a bit soft lately.

While I am on the subject of Mr Finn cutting his hair with scissors, I have to mention Finn’s acute observation skills. He loves seeing me pull out the knitting. He always begs to hold them. With all of the extra attention the boys got I had a lot of time to knit. I finished my first real project. I don’t count the ‘scarves’ as projects because they are struggs and I won’t be putting those to use. That was just therapy knitting – as is this too but I  created something and with yarn that I actually picked out! Check it peeps! I made booties!!!!!!!

Sorry for the major detail but this is big guys! I’m not crafty. Knitting is sweet guys, I’m quite energized about upcoming projects I have in mind.

My review of the knit booties:

I love booties. Grandma Roz was definitely my inspiration – her creations are amazing, but hers are little more snug. I noticed (now that I actually know what I’m doing) that she uses an elastic on the top. I am going to try and do that on my next pair. I ordered some more masculine worsted weight yarn to make some for my brothers and Toppy. If you want to try and knit these same pair I used this pattern. It’s an incredibly random site but they were pretty much exactly what I was trying to replicate.

3 responses

  1. Amazing job on the booties! Your work looks like you’re a pro!

    As for the haircut, well–sounds like a two year old! He does still look pretty darn cute–even with a chopped hair look!

    Glad you had a nice trip to Utah.

  2. Haha, weren’t we just talking about kids cutting their hair when I was at your parents house?

    Love the booties.

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