Trip to Snowbird

We may have a conflict of interest here peeps – HB is addicted to knitting. I hardly ever get behind on the blog but I have massive amounts of material to share and document and I can feel that my heart just isn’t in it! I find myself looking over my shoulder at knitting patterns on the ipad! It’s fun.

I have a photo dump from our day trip at Snowbird. Prego HB was bonking when I got there so I got some tasty pizza – YUM! It was magnificent, the boys ran around in the beautiful mountain air while I ate my food and Cheri explored ‘Christy’s’ ski shop. I love looking at skis.

Going to Snowbird was definitely one of my favorite parts of our trip to Utah.

Those mountains are magnificent. Typically when I’m up there I feel such pride that this is my home, I felt a tinge of guilt that I have moved away and really don’t have any intention of going back.  Those mountain ranges are just breath taking, I really was a tourist up there!

Getting ready to board the tram! You know Gigi – she is definitely a warm blooded creature. She was cold up there.

Mr Finn kept saying, “Cold!” “Go back Gigi’s house, go watch Jungle Book!” If you haven’t seen Finn in a while you will be cracking up at this boy. He is unbelievably fun right now. We just have to savor this age because he is growing up fast. As my cousin Abby put it something like… “You obviously love your kids, but I actually really like them right now.” That is how I feel with Mr Finn, we’ve gotten over the hump of most of his tantrum throwing and he is incredibly easy going and pleasant at the moment. I really like him.

3 responses

  1. I live here and it was so wonderful to be in those mountains. And yes, Mr Finn is truly at his finest…..his hair is too but not for long!!! :)!

    We loved being with you all.

  2. Looks like Jude got a nice haircut–probably not from Finn!

    You guys were brave, up on top of that mountain with t-shirts on. Not much snow–but still very scenic!

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