A Flash to the Past

Seeing old friends always reminds me of the past. It’s so fun to reminisce over good times. Yesterday our friend Cory came down from Santa Monica for dinner. I can’t believe that Ryan and Cory go back TEN years! Walking down memory lane with those two includes wild tails of skinny dipping in hot springs, hitch hiking, long days skiing and climbing and oh that one time they flipped a car up the canyon. Now look at them: long hair trimmed, viable – well in our case almost – living responsible adult lives!

I’ve thought many times how thankful I am for my memories. While I wouldn’t trade my beautiful children for anything, they did come quite a bit sooner than I was expecting! I’m so glad I had some fun adventures before they came, it makes me feel more fulfilled and at peace about being a stay at home mom. Ryan too has some incredible memories,  while the adventure of parenting is definitely our wildest and most challenging yet he’s undertaken he gets an itch for adventure here and there.

Last week we were eating dinner with some friends and the wife brought up her fascination with Everest and the Himalayan region. Her sister was currently living in India, so we just stumbled on the subject.

As many of you can guess it was fun reliving some of our own adventures in the Everest Region including one of Ryan’s most memorable moments-  doing the Everest Marathon. Many individuals, such as our friend who we were eating with have known Ryan for years but often times will be surprised to hear about his experience  up in the area. No he is not quite the boring law student you thought he was. So the story of working in the Khumbu, deciding last minute to run the race, and then winning third in the international division all came out!

After our evening I was thinking I wonder if we could find a picture from that crazy day, and we did. I found one. This happened a year before we met, thus before the blog. I wanted to throw it up to have it in my archive and also because it’s just so fun. Cracks me up! Such a fun picture.

Hydrating after the race! There was so much of the day that I had never heard about, delusional racers jumping into the glacial river, no water stops, and the prize money he got. All the kids wanted to hear about the prizes.

I know he took a lot of photos during the race, and video. I haven’t seen them. They are out there though. I”m glad we were able to find one. We were pretty sure his entire iphoto was gone. It’s funny how just one picture just helps bring the event to life.

Before the race at base camp. I wonder what the boys are going to think  when they look back on this. That will be a fun day. Ryan is no doubt still adventurous, but you grow up. He’s sporting the comb over now, and I’m sure another ten years down the line we’ll be even more your classic stiff responsible adults!

While I was looking through the hard drive I found this one from his time in Tibet. Totally random, but I totally want to knit a sweater like this someday. An over sized creme soft cable sweater. So muns!

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  1. Awwwww, that warmed my soul. To see pics of my long lost brother, and his best friend of a decade! I remember when Ryan emailed us about doing the race and we were all just laughing hysterically… didn’t even surprise us in the least! A few times over the years I’ve heard the race come up in random conversations and people talk about training for it forever, about how its one of the hardest races, about the delusional issues, etc… and I pridefully pipe in, “Oh, yeah, one of my good friends ran that and one 3rd place!” 🙂

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